GEORGE Clooney knows a damn fine cup of coffee, but do you?

Yesterday Michel's Patisserie named their Gympie cafe as the nation's Coffee Shop of the Year.

Which got the Daily staff thinking...what is the secret to a solid brew?

Caloundra Real Estate agent Grant Goodrum is a self confessed "coffee fiend" who drinks up to six cups a day.

Mr Goodrum's coffee of choice is a triple shot flat white with two sugars which he bought almost every day at The Drift, Caloundra.

"It's one of the best places in Caloundra, I know I'll always get a good cup of coffee here," he said.

How is coffee best served?

This poll ended on 30 April 2015.

Current Results

By a barista, with a baked treat as a sweet accompaniment


Through a funnel or drip, just as long as there is lots of it


To someone else, I'll have a cup of tea please


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Mr Goodrum said he had tried quite a few coffee spots in his area but always returned to The Drift for his regular fix.

The Drift owner Shane Hepburn said his preferred cup was a piccolo latte because he drank so many a day.

"It's a half latte but still has the same effect when you combine six a day," he said.

Mr Hepburn who also owned popular coffee spot The Good Bean felt coffee should be strong.

"We go for a dark blend. The darker you blend something you lose the sweetness but you get a fuller body so when you drink it will taste stronger," he said.

"A lighter roast gets a bit lost in larger cups."

Like Mr Goodrum's flat white, he could name a handful of other coffees and their drinkers.

"One of my customers Perry used to come in three to four times a day," he said.

"He gets a coconut milk latte as he's lactose free and doesn't like soy. It's an interesting coffee," he said.

Cafe Envy barista Nathan Biddle took pride in remembering his regulars tastes.

"There's one regular that sticks in mind, a personal trainer named Maria who always likes to have a chat," he said.

"She gets a large cappuccino on almond milk."

He said the mornings were easier for baristas as 6-8am was "regular time" where most of the coffees could be made from memory.

"You have people coming in the same time every single day.

"We know what they want as soon as they walk in the door and it's pretty much already made by then".

BOTTOMS UP: Eliza Landgren enjoying her coffee at Cafe Envy, Cotton Tree.
BOTTOMS UP: Eliza Landgren enjoying her coffee at Cafe Envy, Cotton Tree. Patrick Woods

How do you like your coffee?

Editor Jenna Cairney: It has to be the right temperature - not too hot. And I hate big coffees because they just have a heap of milk - yuk. So a small cappuccino mostly, unless after dinner, at which point it is totally unacceptable to have anything other than an espresso or a macchiato. All that said, I drink at least 10 cups of crappy instant at work each day because I ever have any cash on me to go to the coffee van.

Entertainment editor Seanna Cronin: Medium roast in a plunger, splash of milk and a teaspoon of honey.

Photographer Iain Curry: Long black with cold milk on the side. That way they normally give you a cool little milk bottle, and you can add milk levels to your preference.

Deputy editor Damian Bathersby: I like my coffee cheap and nasty. I drink five or six instant coffees a day and resist the urge to drink quality coffee because I don't want to get too used to it. That way it's still a treat to go out for a nice coffee.

Features editor Shirley Sinclair: Cappuccino, one sugar

Business reporter Nicky Moffat: I like a flat white, strong in flavour but not bitter. If it's too hot I'll return it, or at least tell myself I will as I grumpily scurry off. I get my coffees as a pick me up in the afternoon. I know it's not good for me but my attempts to replace them with herbal teas or water have only lasted temporarily. There's so much comfort in a nice coffee.

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