Gail Lynch
Gail Lynch

Where is Gail's body? This petition could help find her

Gail Lynch's sister Lyn McMillan
Gail Lynch's sister Lyn McMillan

YEARS have passed, the verdict reached and her murderer behind bars, but Gail Lynch's family is still tortured by unanswered questions.

Why was she killed? Did she suffer? What were her last thoughts?

But no question echoes in sister Lyn McMillan's head louder than "where is she?"

Gail's killer, former partner Ian Hannaford, was last year jailed for life over the Warwick grandmother's murder.

Although the verdict and sentence have helped the family gain some closure, Lyn is still taunted by thoughts of where her sister's body was dumped.

"It feels empty to not know," she said.

She is always in my heart and he can never, ever take that away but you don't know where she is.

"You don't know if there is some animal eating her, if she is being picked up or she is being graded by a tractor, like she is trash."

Lyn is asking for people to today take time to sign the No Body, No Parole petition, which proposes to remove the right of parole to any killer who refuses to reveal the location of their victim's body.

The petition closes tomorrow.

Do you support Gail Lynch's family's calls for changes to the laws surrounding convicted killers?

This poll ended on 06 January 2016.

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This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Lyn says knowing where her sister's remains are would be an important step toward healing.

"Not knowing leaves people in limbo," she said.

"He has every right in the world and Gail has nothing. She doesn't even have the right to a burial.

"I would like to know that she is finally at rest and finally has somewhere to call home.

"We don't know if she is in Toowoomba, we don't know if she is in Warwick - we can all guess. Pick any place and she could be there."

Lyn, who last year moved away from Warwick, said she believes withholding the body is a final act of power.

"He is the only person on God's green earth who knows where she is," she said.

"He is told when to eat, when to shower, when to sleep. The only thing he doesn't have to do is tell us.

"Maybe if this law comes in, he will realise it isn't very nice being in a big boy prison and will tell us so he can get out one day."

The sisters were raised in a children's home and for much of their lives only had each other.

They certainly didn't have a place to call "home".

Lyn said although her sister is gone, she wanted her to finally have somewhere she belongs.

"She needs to have a place in the world," she said.

"Everybody needs that but she has nothing."

Although she no longer lives in the area, Lyn said the people of Warwick were vital to helping her through such a difficult time.

"Without them I wouldn't have got as far as I did, I would have been on the ground, rocking the corner," she said.

"A lot of people - who didn't know me and didn't know Gail - they still supported us.

"When I was down they would talk to me and pick me back up - they were the emotional support I needed.

"It's that word, 'community'. Warwick is a community, not just a town."

Sign the petition here and select "no body, no parole".

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