What name should we call future Ipswich NRL team?


AN $8.5 million commitment from Ipswich City Council towards the Western Corridor NRL bid and a new training base at Springfield has attracted interest from QT readers and suggestions for a team name.

When QT Facebook users were asked what they would call the potential NRL team, many readers believed connecting the team to the city's defence force links was the way to go.

Ashley Clarke suggested the Ipswich Hornets for a team name.


"It symbolises the FA18 aircraft so prominent in the skies around Ipswich, and our Amberley Air Base heritage."

Lliam Parslow agreed with the theme.

"The city prides itself on its defence force links.

"So maybe, Western Hornets, Western Aviators or Western Defenders."

Facebook user Taf Martin posted: "Great idea... Will further enhance the area.

"As for a name, given the links to the air force, how about Ipswich/Western Flyers."

Hailed as a historic day for rugby league, there was also positive feedback from Facebook users about the impact the NRL development would have in Ipswich.

What name should we call Ipswich's future NRL team?

This poll ended on 04 May 2015.

Current Results

Western Flyers


Ipswich Hornets


Western Defenders


Western Aviators


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Travis Reardon commented: "Think of the money this would inject into the local economy.

"Think of the jobs it would create.

"It would give the youth a place to go and keep out of trouble.

"And local talent an opportunity to play in the NRL. It would give the locals a team to be proud of.

"I can only see positives to come from having a team."

The funding for the superior playing venue is proposed to be injected from the State and Federal governments with the support of council.

However, some are not convinced this is the best use of $8.5 million and are and doubtful of the placement in Springfield being beneficial to Ipswich.

Kay Mcallan showed her disapproval, posting: "I think that kind of money could be spent on better things for the city and community."

Ross Turner commented: "If they are based at Springfield, we might as well call it Brisbane West."

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