SCHOOL FUN: Chinchilla Christian College put on Seussical the Musical Junior last year.
SCHOOL FUN: Chinchilla Christian College put on Seussical the Musical Junior last year. Brooke Duncan

How to be ready for school

AS THE summer holidays draw to a close and children throughout the region are soaking up their last few days of freedom, schools have been busy preparing for the start of the school year only days away.

But how can parents and students make sure they're prepared for the school year?

The Chinchilla News has spoken to three principals to get their tips for being school-ready next week.

For St Joseph's Chinchilla principal Aaron Wells, the key is for parents and teachers to build strong relationships.

"I'd say the biggest thing is, I suppose, building those relationships with your teachers early on in the school year,” Mr Wells said.

"So taking that time to introduce yourself to the classroom teacher and develop a strong relationship because it's a team effort, you're working together and that's going to lead to the best learning outcomes for the student.

"So developing strong open lines of communication and those relationships early on is going to be the best for the students, so that's probably my tip.”

Miles State School principal Steven Bennett said it was important for parents to support children's learning at home and promote a healthy lifestyle.

"There are many things that parents can do to help their child have a good school year, but I guess the most important is making sure that children get enough sleep and get them to school on time and help support reading at the home every day,” Mr Bennett said.

"Making sure that the children have a healthy diet and get regular exercise so that they can concentrate better during the school day and I guess making it easier for the child to complete their school and homework,” he said.

"Making sure they're at school every day on time and try and limit the time that the child misses for family trips and different activities, if they do need to be away that they contact the school via email or call and make sure we are informed of the child's absence.”

Chinchilla Christian College principal Nathan McDonald highlighted the importance of students not being afraid to ask questions.

"It's a time when we all can be a little bit nervous but schools are filled with lots of friendly people who are only there to help and are really keen to do that so feel free to ask any questions that you have because assistance will be there as you start school on Monday,” Mr McDonald said.

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