NEW MEASURES: WDC Chinchilla COVID-19 high vis vests. Pic: WDC
NEW MEASURES: WDC Chinchilla COVID-19 high vis vests. Pic: WDC

How Chinchilla businesses are dealing with COVID-19

AS BUSINESSES across the Western Downs struggle to stay afloat amongst COVID-19 travel restrictions, social-distancing regulations, and a fading tourism industry, some are staying strong and adapting their businesses to the challenging environment.

The Chinchilla Community Commerce and Industry (CCCI) shared with the Chinchilla News statements from Betta Home Living, ENZED, EnVision Partners, Western Downs Civil, and MFE, showcasing changes the local businesses have made to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Betta Home Living

The home appliance and furniture store Betta Home Living has remained open during strict COVID-19 regulations but has made changes to limit interactions between staff and customers.

A statement released by BHL said floor staff members have been reduced, and if more than two customers are in store at once, the remainder will have to wait for them to leave before entering.

As outlined in the statement, BHL asked the following of their customers to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

“We ask all visiting customers to please avoid any unnecessary touching of appliances in our store as the coronavirus can linger on surfaces for some time,” the statement read.

“We also ask all customers to observe and abide by the current social distancing rules.

“Please do not enter our store if you are feeling unwell – this may put others in the community at risk.

“Our team are still offering home deliveries and can offer a ‘no-contact’ drop-off delivery service for those who are in self-quarantine.”


ENZED Surat located in Chinchilla provides services for all hoses, fittings, fluid connection and motion control technology.

Outlined in a statement ENZED said the managing director made the decision to cancel all non-essential business travel in the next few months to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19.

“ENZED Surat Basin are taking precautions to minimise the risk and impact from the coronavirus… as far as possible we will be continuing normal operations,” the statement read.

Outlined in the statement were the following measures ENZED has put in place:

  • All personnel must practice good hygiene to protect against infection and prevent the virus spreading.
  • All personnel will be restricted from cold-calling, canvassing and only allowed to visit customer site’s when prearranged with the client.
  • All Internal group meetings will only be permitted using either the Microsoft Teams Application, telephone or by email.
  • All field staff are not permitted to enter the service centre while other workers are present.
  • In the event of illness, whether it be coronavirus or a similar cold / flu virus, permission may be given where possible to work remotely in isolation.

EnVision Partners

EnVision Partners Business Consultants and Accountants Chinchilla are helping local businesses with their COVID-19 dilemmas by providing free online webinars.

A statement released by EnVision said online webinars provide information on how businesses can access government stimulus packages.

“Our goal is to ensure we can provide as much support to businesses so they have the correct information and can access the support they are entitled to,” the statement read.

Outlined in the statement were the following measures EnVision has put in place:

  • Our staff are taking it in shifts of working remotely from their homes to reduce the amount of people in the office and to help stop the spread in the community.
  • We are asking our customers and external visitors to please avoid coming into the office if they can do so
  • Our reception area has been transformed to ensure the social distancing do apply.
  • We have a new product called Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which is a must for helping Business through this time.

Western Downs Civil

Western Downs Civil (WDC) Chinchilla provides civil construction, earthworks, roadworks and plant hire services across the Surat Basin.

A statement released by WDC said the company has implemented the following changed to their business in the fight against COVID-19:

All office staff working from home, workshops are limited to four personal, all gates are locked to ensure no one can enter, high vis vests with ‘please stay 1.5m away’ embroidered, and a full time cleaner has been hired for the yards and workshops.

Maintenance Fabrication and Engineering

Maintenance Fabrication and Engineering (MFE) Chinchilla specialises in plant maintenance, fabrication and project services throughout southern Queensland.

A statement released by MFE said during the COVID-19 pandemic communication is the most important management tool.

“As important as the hygiene health of our staff is, so is the mental health,” the statement read.

“Communication has been really important as it is natural to have increased levels of anxiety in an unknown environment.”

MFE has been training staff weekly, running trial scenarios to make sure staff are ready for whatever COVID-19 may bring.

“In these we have included information relating to the “what if” questions around stand-down/ lockdown/shift changes.”

The statement went on to say it is important for the community and staff to remember COVID-19 has an end date.

“This region has so much to offer and we have no reason to doubt the opportunities for business and for the community.”

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