Hospital staff told mum her breastfeeding was 'sexual'

A YOUNG mum in the UK has taken to social media after hospital staff told her to stop breastfeeding in public her four-month-old son because it was sexual. 

Darcie Pennington was visiting her nan at Royal Liverpool Hospital on April 30. 

In her Facebook post, Darcie said she was walking her son Vincent around to settle him and began feeding him. 

She said a nurse approached her and abruptly told her to breastfeed in a private room because she would make the other visitors feel uncomfortable. 

"I explained to the nurse that I am well within my legal rights to feed my son in the most natural form wherever and whenever he needed feeding and was shocked by her behaviour," Darcy said. 

"I went to sit down with my nan and feed my son, shaking and very upset, the nurse then came over and slammed the curtains shut, telling me that I couldn't feed him as there were males I would make uncomfortable.



Darcie said she asked the nurse if she would get the same treatment while bottle feeding, only to be told that bottle feeding wasn't sexual. 

"I asked her what she found sexual about a baby having something to eat from his mum," she said. 

Social media users came out in support of Darcie and breastfeeding in public. 

In her post, she said she hoped a public complaint would save other mums who may be nervous about breastfeeding from the humiliation she suffered. 

"Being a new mum it's awfully daunting feeding in a public place," she said. 

"If they had confronted someone new to breastfeeding they could have made them feel like they weren't doing the right thing." 

The hospital told the UK's Daily Telegraph the hospital had apologised to Ms Pennington and fully supported breastfeeding. 

The incident is just one on a long list of instances where mothers have complained about reactions to breastfeeding in public businesses across the world. 

In January this year a Toowoomba mum told APN she had regularly stared at or harassed for breastfeeding her son in public. 

Nicole Woodward said a woman told her to cover up or go to the toilet to feed her son, even though she had already covered him. 

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