Hilariously sad Richmond fan pours heart out on radio

RICHMOND fans have had to put up with a lot.

But even the most die-hard fan has to have a moment of doubt when their team suffers a 113-point loss to Sydney.

But "Mario from Doncaster" has taken Richmond's sad state of affairs personally, and has made perhaps the most bizarre and hilarious talkback call of all time.

A regular on The Run Home - heard on Melbourne AM station 1116 - listeners and radio hosts could hear Mario's voice wavering as he relived the horror of his weekend.

He begins by telling a story of the day US President JFK was shot dead, and how his wife Jackie O refused to take off her pastel pink Chanel dress.

Listen to the heartbroken fan below

"She refused to take it off that day because she wanted to see what they had done to her husband in Dallas," Mario from Doncaster said.

He goes on to say that during the routing of Richmond on Saturday he "vomited all over myself".

"I haven't taken it off.

"I've walked around all day… I want everyone to see.

"I want everyone to see what Richmond has done to me."

He hangs up as the radio hosts lose it, laughing hysterically.

Since Saturday, Richmond has fired five assistant coaches.

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