WORKS: Project manager Jason Edge.
WORKS: Project manager Jason Edge. Brooke Duncan

Highway roadworks discussed

COMMUNITY members have heard updates on roadworks between Dalby and Miles at a Downer information session at the Club Hotel on Thursday night.

Project manager Jason Edge explained the current upgrades were to add seven overtaking lanes, four heading west, and three east, between the two towns.

"The work will be taken under traffic, so we'll be providing two lanes of traffic for the whole duration other then when we're doing traffic switches and emergency works,” he said.

Mr Edge said the five sections, approximately 2km each, will have traffic slowed to 60km during the day, and 80km at night, with completion expected around October this year.

He also said the company is looking to work with local businesses wherever possible.

"We're big on trying to get as much local industry participation as we practically can, so looking at businesses that are able to provide services to our industry,” Mr Edge said.

"We'll want to employ local guys, we've got a couple of trainees already engaged coming on board with the project, so building up skills in the local community.”

The project is funded by the federal and state governments.

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Plastic bag ban draws closer

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Screening helps fight cancer

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