‘High end’ meth dealer out of jail in November

A GOODNA drug dealer who used one of her children to bring customers from one of her operations to another will be out of jail in time for Christmas.

Toni Ann Ness, 44, pleaded guilty at the Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday to trafficking and possessing dangerous drugs.

The court heard Ness dealt drugs on a daily basis from her Marie St home in Goodna that she dubbed the shop. She had another house that she called the safe house that she used as a refuge.

Ness sold cannabis, methylamphetamine, oxycodone and other drugs out of the Marie St address - even continuing for eight months after a police raid.

Ness had a number of people working for her operation including two men she called the shopkeepers who did most of the selling.

Police seized CCTV footage from the address and intercepted her phone communications. They found she was selling drugs on a daily basis and had about 40 customers.

Crown prosecutor Russell Hood said Ness was a high-end retail dealer and low-level wholesaler.

She had sold drugs in front of her children and on one occasion got one of them to bring a customer from one house to the other to buy drugs.

Ness was arrested on August 13, 2014 and has remained in jail since.

The court heard Ness was sexually abused as a child and was using drugs at the age of 12. She has been before court 15 times before on drug possession charges.

One of her children suicided as a teenager, and her only loving relationship ended in 2013 when her partner died.

Justice Glenn Martin said her past was "sad, appalling and distressing".

He sentenced her to five years jail to be suspended after she serves five months. The 22 months she has already served was not declared time already served.

"This is an opportunity you're being given," Mr Martin told Ness.

"If you commit an office during the suspended sentence, do not expect any leniency."

Ness will be released from jail in November. - ARM NEWSDESK

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