PAROLE: The man told the court he had little time left to spend with his terminally ill mother.
PAROLE: The man told the court he had little time left to spend with his terminally ill mother.

Gladstone man released on parole to spend time with terminally ill mum

A GLADSTONE man who spent 80 days in prison told a court he had little time left to spend with his terminally ill mother.

A 23-year-old man pleaded guilty at the Gladstone Magistrates Court to a string charges including four counts of aggravated breach of a domestic violence order, two counts of stealing, one count of committing a public nuisance and a breach of bail.

Police prosecutor Balan Selvadurai said the first offence occurred on October 21.

Mr Selvadurai said the defendant entered the Rocky Glen Hotel and tried to leave without paying for a bottle of Jack Daniels.

But when he was approached by staff members, he handed back the alcohol.

The incident was reported to the police, and the defendant was charged and released on bail conditions.

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On November 16 the man was charged with public nuisance after police were called to a Gladstone street where the defendant was standing in the middle of the road waving around a hockey stick.

He was later charged again on December 17, 22 and 28; all aggravated breaches of a domestic violence protection order, Mr Selvadurai said.

He breached this order again this year on February 9.

The most recent offending saw him taken into custody was on February 16, after the defendant stole a pair of sunglasses from the Sunglasses Hut at Stockland.

The man's lawyer said the aggrieved was her client's partner, and most of the domestic violence breaches were either property damage or the result of a verbal argument.

She said only on one instance was the breach physical.

On December 22 her client tackled the aggrieved, but the aggrieved then "got up and walked away" and "wasn't even the one who called the police", the defence lawyer said.

She said her client only tackled the aggrieved to "subdue" her, as she had initially attacked the defendant first, swinging a broom at his head.

She said another breach occurred after the pair had intercourse, a verbal argument between the pair ensued and the police were called to the residence.

The court heard the aggrieved had two children to another man, but the defendant's lawyer said her client was basically their father and looked after them.

She said her client was a well-loved family man, and was "very eager" to be released to spend some final days with his mother who was sick in hospital after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Magistrate Neil Lavaring sentenced the man to serve a nine-month term of imprisonment, with a third spent actually behind bars.

However, taking time already served into account, the man was given a parole release date of May 22.

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