HOLY COW: Giant bullock is family pet

MUCH LOVED: Jesse Jones on peaceful bullock Reggie and his owner Col Budden.
MUCH LOVED: Jesse Jones on peaceful bullock Reggie and his owner Col Budden. Jessica Schremmer

SOME people have cats and dogs as house pets but Chinchilla cattle breeder Col Budden and his family have giant bullock Reggie as their pride and joy.

Eight-year-old friesian bullock Reggie might be one of the biggest bullocks in Australia.

Mr Budden bought him at a Toowoomba poddy sale when he was a four-month- old calf and said he has been growing since.

"Friesians usually should stop growing by now but Reggie is still growing."

He said if it wasn't for his sister and her love for Reggie, the bullock might have gone to the market five years ago.

Mr Budden's sister, who was battling breast cancer, fell in love with Reggie after she and four other women came out to have a ride.

The digital and print deal.
The digital and print deal.

His sister asked him how much the bullock was worth and Mr Budden received a letter a few days later from his sister with $1200 cash and a note saying: "I own him, you feed him."

Mr Budden didn't accept the money but took Reggie under his wing and never thought about selling him.

"Everyone gets a lot of fun out of him, a lot of kids and locals have great fun," he said.


FAMILY FUN: Reggie is taller than Col Budden's blue ute.
FAMILY FUN: Reggie is taller than Col Budden's blue ute. Jessica Schremmer

"I've got little nephews up the road, they look for him every time they go past and if they can't see him they start getting worried."

The last time Reggie was weighted was five years ago, at 860kg.

Mr Budden said he couldn't guess how much Reggie would weight now but he was taller than him (6ft).

"It is hard to keep him in the paddocks, he is very hard on fences," he said.

"Reggie, though, looks after himself pretty well, we don't feed him much so we give a little bit extra when it is really dry but he is not fat by any means."

Mr Budden said Reggie would have made a beautiful addition to a bullock team back in the day.

Reggie had visitors coming to see him from the Gold Coast and NSW.

"I am thinking to take Reggie to some of the showsso people can see him and I would love to do something to raise money for Angel Flight Australia," he said.

"My next-door neighbour had a bad car accident three years ago and if it wasn't for them (Angel Flight), things would be pretty different.

"That's why I think they do a good job and it would be great to raise money for them."

Mr Budden said Reggie could live for another eight to 10 years.

"A lot of it depends on the season and how easy a life they have," he said.

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