Five dating deal breakers for men

ONE of the best things about a relationship is being able to have a built-in best friend. Your partner is the person you can spend a lazy Sunday with or your big Friday night out. However, be sure to keep the relationships with your own group of friends intact. Men want a woman who’s not only willing but wants to have a girl’s night out. It’s attractive for a woman to have her own hobbies and interests. The time apart only reminds him of just how great you are.

Bad Habits

Whether you are a smoker, or constantly the sloppy drunk at the bar, it’s clear your vices could be a deal breaker for a potential mate. Sure, the party was great but while you were getting inebriated he was busy being embarrassed or talking to someone who wasn’t slurring her words. Besides the obvious vices, some men say bad habits like poor hygiene or being very messy are also a turn off. Just think, would you want to date someone with bad breath or a dirty bathroom?

She Doesn’t Tell the Truth

“No one wants to date a liar and trust is the hardest thing to rebuild in a relationship,” says Bay Area-based executive Brian Hauptman. Lying just proves to your potential suitor that you aren’t really interested in a relationship because with Internet search engines and social networking sites it’s simple to do a quick check to see if your story is true. Before lying to your date about your age, career or education just think that if the relationship does work out he is eventually going to find out what your birth date is, where you’re employed or your alma mater—and that’s going to be an awkward conversation to have.

She isn’t Confident

“I hate girls that are always down on themselves,” says Los Angeles-based photographer Todd MacMillan. Women who don’t deal with their personal insecurities before meeting Mr. Right are only setting themselves up for a potential deal breaker. It’s normal to have a bad day but constantly being negative about your body or looks only brings attention to your flaws—real or perceived—and makes you come off bitter and negative, traits that are never attractive. Just like women, men are looking for a mate who is self-assured.

Cheating (the Ultimate Deal Breaker)

Most men will say cheating gives them carte blanche to call off the relationship. As one of the biggest deal breakers, there are not many second chances when it comes to cheating because it’s setting the person up for another bout of infidelity.

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