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Fitness business offers programs for isolation

AS 2500 gym goers have been banned from the treadmill and squat rack, one club are urging their members to sign up to their online program to stay fit and healthy.

Based in Toowoomba, The Fit Lab Health and Fitness Centre have introduced two programs allowing their members to exercise from the comfort of their homes while in isolation.

Director of the club, Chris Hillman said as of today, they have been forced to close all gyms in the country.

This came after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced last night that indoor sporting venues and gyms will have to follow the strict four square metre rule.

“It’s a terrible day for us – doomsday,” the director said.

“We have three clubs in Toowoomba and had to close all of them.

“We’ve had to place all our members on hold effective immediately and literally all our income has been switched off.”

If the club couldn’t offer these at home programs and didn’t get the support from their members, the director said it would be ‘catastrophic’ for the business and they may not survive their way out.

“There’s so much unknown out there – we don’t know how long this will last and how long until we get our members back,” Mr Hillman said.

“The shinning light at the end of the tunnel is that once they lift these restrictions, we will be able to get our memberships back, until that time, we have to rely on these online programs.”

Two programs will be launched this afternoon – one is a generic at home program for $12.50 a week and the other is a customer tailored program for $20 a week.

“We are fortunate enough to have a professional team and this amazing app to customise programs,” he said.

“There’s video instructions – literally allowing people to follow the exercises in a sequence and watch a video if you are unsure how to do it.”

Mr Hillman said it’s important people stay fit and healthy – both physically and mentally during this time.

“In terms of social isolation, now more than ever it’s important to keep the brain active and not get caught up in dooms day,” he said.

“We need to remain healthy, positive and keep fit.”

To register our interest for their home programs, follow the link:

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