AS if they haven't been through enough, cyclone battered Whitsunday residents are now facing a mosquito invasion.

Whitsunday residents, many of whom have lost their homes and livelihoods, are now facing another challenge with an influx of mosquitoes expected over the coming weeks following the heavy rains of Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

Whitsunday Regional Council said the rains and still waters caused by Cyclone Debbie had created favourable conditions for breeding mozzies across the region.

Whitsunday Regional Council Mayor Andrew Willcox said preparation was the most important step to avoiding insect bites and breeding mosquitoes.

"As we all know, mozzies are at their worst at dawn and dusk, so please minimise working outdoors during these times," he said.

"Wearing insect repellent and long sleeves when outdoors will also help reduce the number of insect bites."

"Council is monitoring a number of identified sites across the whole region, and is working with

Queensland Health to implement a Mosquito Response Plan."

He asked residents to help reduce mozzie numbers by tipping out any containers filled with water, remove ponding water in gutters, and checking inlets and overflows on rainwater tanks.


Tips to prevent mosquitos from breeding around the home include:

• Remove unused containers, such as old tyres and tins;

• Screen openings on rainwater tanks;

• Cover openings on wells and septic tanks;

• Clean out bird baths and pet water bowls every four days by wiping with a clean cloth and disposing the cloth into the bin;

• Fill pot plant bases with sand;

• Ensure all water can drain from boats or store under cover; and

• Clean out gutters and drains around the house.

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