‘Extremely graphic’: Child abuse material found during RBT

A man who was found with sexualised photos of young girls after an RBT stop in Byron Bay has pleaded guilty to all charges against him.

Gavin Smith, 46, was arrested on December 6 last year after police found his stash of images, which constitute child abuse material, following an evening traffic stop.

According to court documents, Smith, who has previously lived in Parmelia in Western Australia but had been living in his vehicle in the local area, returned a positive roadside drug test for cannabis and quickly told police he had some of the drug in his car.

But the photos blocking out the rear and side windows of his Subaru Forester also caught officers' attention.

According to court documents, Smith had suggestive A4-sized images of blonde girls aged between four and eight plastered across the windows, with a larger stash of images in a bag in the car.

In a notebook police found in the car, Smith had written out a range of "extremely graphic" sexual fantasies he wanted to play out.

In Byron Bay Local Court on Monday, defence solicitor Philip Crick lodged guilty pleas on Smith's behalf to the charges of possessing child abuse material, drug possession and driving with cannabis present in his system.

Mr Crick told the court he had been asked to apply for Smith's release on bail while he awaits his sentence.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Chris Martin opposed this application, citing the "very serious" circumstances of Smith's offending and arguing he could "pose a significant danger to children in particular".

Magistrate Karen Stafford said the offence involving the images was "very concerning", involving "voluminous" material and "many young girls".

"In my view, a full time custodial sentence is inevitable," she said.

"It's unlikely that the non-parole period would be exceeded by the remand period."

She found the bail conditions suggested by Mr Crick could not mitigate the "unacceptable risk" if Smith was released on bail.

Ms Stafford ordered a sentencing assessment report and adjourned the case to April 6.

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