UPDATE 4.30PM: It took two hours for a cow buried to its belly in mud to be rescued from a Rosewood property.

The cow, which weighed several hundred kilograms, was lifted by the Rural Fire Service's large animal rescue unit.

It was unknown how long she was stuck in the mud for, but neighbours believe heavy rain on Tuesday night would have softened the ground enough for it to become stuck next to a dam.

Nearby crews conducting fire ant patrols helped the fire service and RSPCA put a strap under the beast's belly to pull it free.

Efforts to contact the home's owner proved fruitless during the rescue.

It is understood he was at a farming festival.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said the rescue was a successful one, with the cow believed to be in a healthy condition after removal.

He said large animals becoming stuck was a common occurrence.

"We've always got incidents like this," he said.

Mr Beatty encouraged landowners to monitor stock.

"Normally the owners of the stock would know which areas of their properties are a bit dodgy," he said.

It is likely heavy rain on Tuesday saturated areas of the Rosewood property that had been rock-hard days earlier.


EARLIER: A delicate rescue operation will soon get underway after a cow became stuck in mud on a property outside Rosewood.

The cow, which is expected to weigh several hundred kilograms, will soon be lifted by the Queensland Fire to Emergency Service.

It is unknown how long the cow has been stuck in the mud for. 

An RSPCA inspector on the scene said the cow appeared to be in a healthy condition, eating and drinking water. 

The stuck cow ventured away from the herd and became stuck in wet mud next to the property's dam. 

The eight unstuck cows appear oblivious to the rescue operation and remain focused on grazing. 

Efforts have been made to contact the home owner.

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