LET THEM EAT CAKE: The chocolate cake judging is set to be tough for new show steward Elaine Davidson.
LET THEM EAT CAKE: The chocolate cake judging is set to be tough for new show steward Elaine Davidson. CONTRIBUTED

Elaine gets taste of pavilion competition

A NEW steward has stepped into this year's Miles Show pavilion bringing with her a wealth of experience and a passion for chocolate cake.

Shirley Walsh has handed over the reigns to Elaine Davidson this year after being involved with the Miles and Districts Show Society as chief steward of the pavilion for more than 25years.

Society president Richard Steele said Mrs Walsh had been instrumental in the show's success for a long time but had to step down this year to attend to her family.

"She has been vice-president of the society, been instrumental in catering for our army visits, instigated Christmas craft in previous years and also the person who started the quad bikes,” he said.

"She basically ran the whole pavilion program from sourcing sponsors, taking nominations, setting up the pavilion and organising judges and section stewards, it's been a very full-on job.”

"She's had to step away for personal reasons which has been hard and we're very thankful to her for all she's done, but Elaine has done a great job for taking up the slack on the pavilion this year with the help of some others, so it's been a team effort to replace just one person.”

Ms Davidson said she was excited to be taking on the role of chief steward for this year's event.

"I hope the pavilion will be one of the places that's a favourite for everyone to come to,” she said.

"It's been scary to step into the shoes but I am enjoying myself and hoping for good results.”

A home economics teacher by trade, she said it was once part of her duties in "the early days” to be involved in small town show judging.

It's experience which will stand her in good stead when she judges the show's chocolate cake competition on Tuesday.

"We had a fair bit of training at college to judge and I've owned a bakery and worked in hospitality,” she said.

"It's my first year in an official capacity as chief steward and I'm quite excited about it, I'm just going to be here, there and everywhere.

"I used to judge cake decorating at the Brisbane Exhibition and wrote a judging program for the RNA and several country towns.”

When it comes to a winning chocolate cake Ms Davidson said she was looking for good size and shape, a nice colour, thin crust, soft, light texture and great flavour.

"It's not a bad job at all,” she said.

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