Sunshine Coast man Reginald Roderick Oakhill has been sentenced on drug trafficking, burglary and stealing charges.
Sunshine Coast man Reginald Roderick Oakhill has been sentenced on drug trafficking, burglary and stealing charges. File

Drug 'syndicate' standover man is free

AN ICE-addicted drug supplying grandfather 'employed' as a standover man by an alleged Sunshine Coast crime boss is back on the streets.

Reginald Roderick Oakhill pleaded guilty to more than 20 drug, theft and burglary charges when he faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday.

He was sentenced to five years behind bars, suspended after serving 692 days.

Because Oakhill has spent that many days on remand he was released to go home to the Pine Hills region.

The 46-year-old was nabbed during an eight-month multi-agency policing operation in July of 2015.

At the time, police charged 92 people with 214 offences when they shut down a major drug syndicate, taking $1.5 million in methamphetamine off south-east Queensland streets.

Crown prosecutor Melissa Wilson said alleged drug boss Rebecca Castner, 41, 'employed' Oakhill to undertake a range of roles related to the alleged trafficking of drugs across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane between January and July, 2015.

Ms Castner is yet to face trial.

Oakhill, whose crime history fills 11 pages, started his job with the alleged syndicate on the day he was released from a previous prison stint and he was paid in the form of free rent and drugs.

"You were a frequent drug user during this period,” Justice John Bond told the defendant.

"The quantity of your drug use was up to one gram (of ice) a day at the cost of up to $500.”

Justice Bond said Oakhill's role was "significant”.

"You were essential to the way in which Castner operated the drug syndicate.

"You were sent to collect money owed from her customers and then to meet with the supplier to purchase more methamphetamine.

"She (Ms Castner) told you to use stand-over tactics to ensure the debts were paid ... and you agreed.”

Oakhill's defence barrister Chris Minnery said the defendant had learnt his lesson and he planned to "reconsider his life” and make changes so he could be a better father to his adult sons.

Mr Minnery said Oakhill had been using methamphetamines for more than half of his life and he now realised he must stop spending time with people who were a bad influence.

"He admits he has not been much of a father and he needs to support his children,” Mr Minnery said.

"He's been using ice for 25 years ... he is well familiar with what he needs to do.

"The only effective way (to stay out of trouble) is to cut off any association with anyone who might trigger events and lead to relapses.”

The court heard Oakhill's grandson was being treated for cancer of the liver at Brisbane's Lady Cilento Hospital.

Mr Minnery said his client was just starting to open up about being sexually abused as a child, that he also suffered depression, he had been using alcohol since he was 10 and he had completed a number of offender and other courses.

Justice Bond took into account the defendant's early guilty pleas when sentencing him.

The unserved portion of the five-year jail term was suspended for five years and Oakhill is also on probation for two years for a number of other charges.


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