CASH SEIZED: A sample of the cash seized from an Atkins St address in Chinchilla on Wednesday, along with 90 points of ice and 58 grams of cannabis.
CASH SEIZED: A sample of the cash seized from an Atkins St address in Chinchilla on Wednesday, along with 90 points of ice and 58 grams of cannabis. Alasdair Young

Police drug raids sweep out dealers in Chinchilla


THE DALBY criminal investigation branch has released the results of the raids it led in Chinchilla on Wednesday.

Detective Sergeant and officer in charge of the CIB Col Harvey said 25 search warrants were executed in the Dalby-Chinchilla area as well as the surrounding regions.

Thirty-two people have been charged with 102 offences, including possession and trafficking of ice and cannabis, as well as money that police will allege was the proceeds of crime.

Sgt Harvey said the investigations on ice use and distribution in the Western Downs would be ongoing.

Operation Mike Sabis was a three day operation targeting the trafficking and supply of amphetamine and cannabis, as well as possession of drugs and associated paraphernalia, and property offences.

The joint effort between the Dalby CIB, Darling Downs District Tactical Crime Squad and local uniformed police, they were able to seize a "good quantity" of ice.

"We probably seized more ice then cannabis. It is unfortunate to see how prevalent it is in the local area," he said.

"We are going to keep putting the appeal out to the public to work with the police on this matter. You never know when some tiny piece of information can elevate what we already know and enable us to take action."


CHINCHILLA was the target of a series of drug raids on Wednesday, with the most serious offender currently remanded in police custody on trafficking charges.

Tanya Roberts, 28, was arrested after police from Dalby CIB, Chinchilla, and a Brisbane drug detection squad (with two sniffer dogs) raided her Atkins St home on Wednesday morning.

The officers spent the day searching the house, finding 58 grams of cannabis and nine grams of methylamphetamine, or "ice".

With ice selling for around $50 per "point" (0.1 of a gram), this amount equates to 90 points of the drug.  

Thousands of dollars, mostly in $50, $20, $10 and $5 bills were also found.

Roberts was charged with two counts of trafficking dangerous drugs, two counts of possessing dangerous drugs and one count of possessing property suspected to be the proceeds of crime, at Dalby Magistrates Court on Thursday.

She has been remanded in police custody until her next court appearance, November 25, at Chinchilla Magistrates Court.

Sergeant Gerard Brady of the Chinchilla Police said the operation had been planned well in advance, and thanked the community for their patient support.

"The planning for that had been ongoing for some time, and in no small part was the information attributed to the community…relied on," he said.

"People might initially provide us with drug intel, and it appears that nothing happens.

"This is a prime example of how we put all the pieces of the puzzle together, then...directly address it."

Sgt. Brady said trafficking was the most serious drug-related offence (followed by supply and possession), and was reserved only for those caught with "commercial quantities" of illegal drugs.

He said that with reports of children using ice starting to surface, it was important for police to break the supply chain at every opportunity.

"We've certainly received reports that's occurring…information has been forwarded to us," he said.

"The scourge of ice is reaching all communities, small country communities, as well as the cities.
"We are targeting the distributors and suppliers."

The results of more than a dozen other warrants, which targeted dealers and users of illegal drugs in Chinchilla, will be released next week.

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