‘Doesn’t make sense’: Man’s $25k loss after storage theft

STEVEN Judd moved to Gladstone in February to be closer to family, but now he has lost almost everything.

Last month Mr Judd realised 90 per cent of his family's belongings had gone missing after it was stored at Fort Knox Storage at Toolooa.

Mr Judd said the theft equated to about $25,000. 

"We lost everything … most of our kids' toys, Christmas presents, a $1500 washing machine, all electronics, my tablet," he said.

Mr Judd had stored the family's possessions in a storage unit while they looked for a place to live in the region.

He said he came back to the facility on March 26 to find a different lock on the unit.

Mr Judd said he had asked Fort Knox Gladstone to review the security footage.

He said he had offered to review the footage himself, but the owners said no.

He said police took a record but no further action was taken.

"Nobody wants to deal with it," he said.

Fort Knox operations and facility support manager Daniel Stern said they had done everything they could to assist police.

Mr Stern said it was a privacy issue why Mr Judd couldn't review the security footage himself.

"We are only allowed to share CCTV with the police if they have a warrant to provide that information," Mr Stern said. "We can't provide him with the CCTV footage."

Mr Stern said the Gladstone manager had gone through "days" of CCTV footage but couldn't find anything.

"If we knew exactly when to look we could go to the exact point on the CCTV," he said.

Gladstone police Sergeant Wayne Butcher said the whole incident was "a bit weird".

"The facility manager is reviewing CCTV and will notify if he identifies anything," Sgt Butcher said.

He said police did not attend due to the theft being reported several days after Mr Judd realised the items were missing, and Mr Judd had removed the remaining items.

Mr Judd said he was afraid if no action was taken soon, there was a chance the incident would be forgotten.

"It's dead in the water, if we keep waiting longer and longer I don't know how long they'll keep their footage for," he said.

"It doesn't make sense."

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