Doctors warn heatwave could kill Queenslanders

QUEENSLAND doctors are warning there is a "serious threat to human life" from a heatwave cooking the state this week.


The Australian Medical Association Queensland describes heatwaves as the most deadly natural phenomenon in Australia, claiming around 500 lives each year.  

Temperatures across the state today will hit 43 degrees in some places.  

Dr Richard Kidd, a Brisbane GP and AMA Queensland board member, said people should be concerned by extreme temperatures and follow medical advice.  

"The public needs to realise that extreme heat is a killer and take warnings seriously," Dr Kidd said.

"Hundreds die each year as a direct result of heat and the peak time for deaths is right now.  

"This is a very dangerous time, especially for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, babies, pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers and the sick."  

Much of central and northern Queensland will experience 'extreme' and 'severe' heatwave conditions for the next few days, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.  

AMA Queensland urges people to follow this advice:

  •  Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water - even if you do not feel thirsty.
  •  Spend as much time as possible in air-conditioned surroundings.
  •  Keep cool by using wet towels and taking cool showers.
  •  Stay out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day.
  •  If you have to go outside, stay in the shade and take water with you.
  •  Wear a hat and light, loose-fitting clothing.

The symptoms of heat exhaustion include a pale complexion, sweating, rapid heart rate, muscle cramps, weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and fainting.  

Patients suffering these symptoms should seek a cool area, lie down, drink cool water, remove their outer clothing and contact their GP.  

If left untreated, heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke - involving possible seizure, collapse and loss of consciousness.  

Call an ambulance immediately in such cases.

See below for the maximum temperatures and conditions from the Bureau of Meteorology.


Southeast Coast

  • Caloundra  30 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Gatton  36 °C Hot and sunny.
  • Gold Coast Seaway  30 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Ipswich  34 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Maleny  29 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Maroochydore  31 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Nambour  31 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Noosa Heads  29 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Caboolture  31 °C Mostly sunny.

Darling Downs and Granite Belt

  • Dalby  37 °C Sunny.
  • Goondiwindi  39 °C Hot and sunny.
  • Toowoomba  31 °C Sunny.
  • Warwick  34 °C Sunny.
  • Chinchilla  37 °C Sunny.
  • Miles  37 °C Sunny.
  • Oakey  35 °C Sunny.
  • Stanthorpe  33 °C Mostly sunny.

Wide Bay and Burnett

  • Bundaberg  31 °C Partly cloudy.
  • Gympie  34 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Hervey Bay  31 °C Partly cloudy.
  • Kingaroy  33 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Maryborough  32 °C Partly cloudy.
  • Gayndah  35 °C Cloud clearing.
  • Monto  35 °C Partly cloudy.


  • Gladstone  31 °C Partly cloudy.
  • Rockhampton  33 °C Partly cloudy.
  • Biloela  36 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Yeppoon  29 °C Partly cloudy.

Central Highlands and Coalfields

  • Emerald  36 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Blackwater  36 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Clermont  36 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Dysart  35 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Moranbah  36 °C Mostly sunny.
  • Rolleston  37 °C Sunny.
  • Springsure  36 °C Sunny.
  • Taroom  37 °C Sunny.

Central Coast and Whitsundays

  • Mackay  32 °C Partly cloudy.
  • Bowen  31 °C Partly cloudy.
  • Carmila  32 °C Partly cloudy.
  • Hamilton Island  31 °C Partly cloudy.
  • Proserpine  34 °C Partly cloudy.

Maranoa and Warrego

  • Charleville  40 °C Hot and sunny.
  • Roma  39 °C Hot and sunny.
  • St George  40 °C Hot and sunny.
  • Augathella  39 °C Sunny.
  • Bollon  41 °C Hot. Possible late storm.
  • Cunnamulla  41 °C Hot. Possible storm.
  • Dirranbandi  41 °C Hot and mostly sunny.
  • Injune  37 °C Sunny.
  • Surat  38 °C Hot and sunny.

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