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Respected man in shocking attack over wallet

HE'S been labelled a "high-standing", "well-known" and "respected" member of the Monto community but a court has heard evidence of a brutal side to his personality.

Anthony John Sanderson, 34, pleaded guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates Court to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm and one count of entering a dwelling with intent by break-in at night.

From what started off as a night out with friends ended in a night of poor decisions and brutal violence.

The court was told on January 27 about midnight both Sanderson and the victim were at the bar. The victim left and Sanderson saw that his father's wallet was nowhere to be seen.

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In an unfortunate memory-muddle up, Sanderson had actually picked up his father's wallet earlier in the night thinking it was his.

Sanderson arrived at the victim's house ready to throw some accusations, and let himself in through a closed, but unlocked door.

The victim was asleep in his bed but was abruptly awoken to Sanderson leaning over him, shouting.

Sanderson punched the victim a number of times in the face, who struggled but managed to get out of the bed, where the fight carried on in the kitchen.

The victim made it to the bathroom sink where Sanderson continued to shove him yelling accusations, however a mate of the victim's had come running out at this point to see what was going on.

He grabbed Sanderson and told him to "f*** off out of their house," but Sanderson pushed past and attempted to attack the victim.

Having none of it, the victim's friend grabbed Sanderson in a headlock and 'choked him out' knocking him unconscious.

At this point Sanderson's friends had arrived at the house and ushered him away.

The victim had loose teeth and suffered cuts, swelling and bruising to his mouth.

When police attended Sanderson's address the next day he admitted that he was 'extremely embarrassed' of his actions and had even gone to the victim's place of employment to offer an apology and to compensate him for any injuries and damages.

But the court was also told it wasn't Sanderson's first rodeo, and had previously been convicted with common assault in 2013.

Sgt Stevens said the prior offending saw Sanderson spit on the face of a female who was trying to break up a fight between Sanderson and another man.

He said it was a 'particularly disgusting' act.

Despite this, a number of good character references were tendered in court including from the Monto pub owner, his employer, his wife and the secretary of the Monto Apex Club - of which Sanderson is the president of.

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These references went into lengthy detail of Sanderson's 'trustworthy' and 'good-natured' character. Many of the references expressed surprise over his actions.

The courtroom was told that even the arresting officer was shocked by Sanderson's actions, describing it as 'very out of character' for the man.

Defence lawyer Axel beard said his client was married with two kids and was the main income-earner for the family.

He said his client felt extreme shame for his actions and offered a formal apology to the court.

Sanderson received a head sentence of 12-months imprisonment, with immediate parole release.

A conviction was recorded.

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