Outspoken commentator Derryn Hinch.
Outspoken commentator Derryn Hinch.

Derryn Hinch calls for child rapist to ‘never see daylight’

HUMAN headline Derryn Hinch has joined the campaign to get "piece of human garbage" Kevin Howard kept in prison after his sentence expires next month.

Howard has enjoyed all the perks of a slipshod judicial system that has seen him continually released and sent back to jail after destroying more women and children's lives.

Mr Hinch contacted APN Newsdesk this morning before launching his own campaign to keep the repeat sex offender behind bars.

"You don't have to be a brain surgeon to predict that as soon as he is out Kevin Howard will attack again.  He's proven it again and again over 40 years," Mr Hinch wrote on his website.

"The man should never see daylight outside prison walls again.

" But, if paroled, he should be living under strict supervision, housed away from children, parks and schools and wearing an electronic ankle bracelet until he dies.

"And if the law doesn't allow  that - change the bloody law."

The proof of Howard's contempt for the law and human decency is in the timeline:

1977: Gropes a woman in public and propositions her for sex. Put on a two-year bond with supervision.

1978: Rapes a woman at knifepoint in her car. Cuts her with the knife. Sentenced to nine years in jail but released on parole after four.

1982: Howard and a friend kidnap a partly-blind 17-year-old from the street and take turns sexually assaulting her. Sentenced to 10 years on appeal with no parole for five years. Ends up being released after less than four years in custody.

1989: Approaches three girls, aged four, five and six, at a playground. Sexually assaults two of them and unsuccessfully tries to convince them all to leave with him in a car. Sentenced to weekend detention for 18 months and placed on a five-year bond.

2006: Rapes a four-year-old girl in his caravan. Photos of the attack are found on his phone by a girlfriend. Tried to blame the young child. Sentenced to nine years' jail with no parole for eight years.

Howard was refused parole last October but became eligible again today.

MORE: Child rapist plans move to northern NSW

The outcome of today's hearing remains unknown, but either way his sentence will expire next month.

He plans to move to Coffs Harbour to pursue a life of drinking beer, playing pool and going fishing.

"The public doesn't get protected for long from predators like Howard and Jill Meagher's killer, Sean Price, in this country," Mr Hinch wrote.

"In the United States he would have been jailed for 20-40 years for the first knifepoint attack in which his victim was cut."


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