Dawn just loves to dance

POISE AND GRACE: 14-year-old Dawn Love has been learning ballet for two years and recently excelled during her AOTD exams.
POISE AND GRACE: 14-year-old Dawn Love has been learning ballet for two years and recently excelled during her AOTD exams. Julia Baker

DAWN Love first took a ballet class two years ago, now the Miles teen is plie-ing towards the future after wowing dance professionals in her recent dance exams.

Dawn, 14, took to the dance floor with 76 other Shaping Lives Dance Studio students to complete her Australian Teaching Of Dance Assessment in Chinchilla last month.

The mobile dance school is one of only two studios on the Western Downs which follows the internationally recognised AOTD curriculum.

Dawn received the highest mark overall in the studio exams, being awarded honours plus for bronze star jazz, as as well as a highly commended plus in silver medal classical ballet.

It was the second time Dawn, who took up ballet classes in 2015, had sat AOTD exams.

"I did a bit of after-school dance but it was more jazz and hip hop, I had never done ballet before,” Dawn said.

"I like the technicality of ballet, the finality of it and how it's very strict - pointed toes, straight legs, it's very fun. Jazz is very energetic... it's not as turned out as ballet.”

Dawn said even she was surprised by her results.

"I was pretty confident in my jazz but I didn't expect the mark I got, it was pretty high. It was the second highest.

"I was very happy for ballet, there are 22 exercises you have to remember and it's very hard and technical.”

Earlier this year, she began contemporary dance classes.

"I love contemporary because it's about improvising and we get to put a lot of ourselves into it, it's a story we want to tell and we show that by the movement we perform and by connecting to the music.

"It's just very interesting because it's what comes from the heart,” she said.

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