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Dad punches 15-y-o daughter’s adult boyfriend

PUSHED to breaking point by his 15-year-old daughter's adult boyfriend, Christopher Luck snapped.

Appearing in Charleville Magistrates Court on January 20, the court heard the details about the protective father-of-three attacking his daughter's partner.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Boodnikoff said Luck, 45, had been shocked to have his teenage daughter invite her 20-year-old boyfriend into the family home without asking.

Luck's lawyer said over several days, various instances had occurred which had tipped Luck to breaking point.

"Christopher learned the boyfriend had been sneaking into his daughter's bedroom, and had brought drugs into the house," the lawyer said.

"The night of the incident, the boyfriend had wanted to be repaid for alcohol he had brought into the house, and this was the final straw.

"Christopher was quite upset, he has had difficulties with his daughter and was struggling to cope."

Police prosecutor Sergeant Boodnikoff told the court the victim had sustained bruising and scratches from the attack.

"He told police he remembered getting beers out of the fridge and was then hit by the defendant," she said.

"The victim told the defendant he owed him money, and the defendant responded by hitting him twice in the face with closed fists."

Luck pleaded guilty to one charge of assault occasioning bodily harm.

Magistrate Saggers took into consideration the circumstances surrounding the assault.

"Having your 15-year-old bring a 20-year-old home would cause some concern, and then you would have further concerns about what he's doing with your daughter and drugs," he said.

"When you become intoxicated, things can become too much.

"Bodily harm is a serious offence … but this is a significantly different set of circumstances."

Luck was ordered to pay a $500 fine, $250 in compensation to his victim, and no conviction was recorded.

Charleville Western Times

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