BIG BID: Cousins for a Cure duo Terri Hendriksen and Ebony Greer raised over $16, 000 for cancer research.
BIG BID: Cousins for a Cure duo Terri Hendriksen and Ebony Greer raised over $16, 000 for cancer research. Julia Baker

Crowd bids big to fund Cousins for a Cure

TERRI Hendriksen is feeling "very bald” but she hopes she has done her mum proud by raising more than $16,000 for cancer research.

"I asked Dad a couple of weeks ago: would she be proud of me Dad? And he said 'you have no idea how proud she would be of you'. I really hope I have done her proud and honoured her memory, because she was my mum and it's not easy to lose your mum,” Mrs Hendriksen said.

On Friday night, Mrs Hendriksen took to the stage at the Club Hotel in front of an emotionally charged crowd along with her "best mate” Ebony Greer and shaved off all of her hair in honour of her mother Glenys Snelger, who died last year after an eight-year-long battle with cancer.

Friday night's event was the culmination of six months of fundraising for the Cousins for a Cure duo.

Mrs Hendriksen said she was still felling incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of support the pair received.

"We never thought we'd get to $5000 let alone over $16,000,” she said.

"I'm in a bit of a state of shock that so many people wanted to be there for us.

"It proves that we're not the only people that have suffered from this or been touched by cancer, so many people cared about us. Ebony definitely is overwhelmed as well and has had many moments where she has cried over the past few days.”

Mrs Hendriken's hair was auctioned off for more than $3000, an amount collectively raised by a group of her colleagues, while $500 was bid for Mrs Greer's long locks.

Donna Camilleri, Mrs Greer's mother, also volunteered to have her hair auctioned off.

In a touching tribute to his grandmother, Mrs Hendriksen's seven-year-old son, Joh, also opted to shave off his hair.

"I was explaining to him why I was doing what I was doing and he said 'I want to shave my head too Mum', and he went into his money box and gave me all his money.

"He said he didn't want anyone else he loves to die of cancer,” Mrs Hendriksen said.

The money will be given to the Cancer Council for breast cancer research and Mrs Greer is planning on donating her hair to Variety to be made into wigs for kids with cancer.

Mrs Hendriksen said shaving off her hair had given her some insight into how her mum had felt when she underwent chemotherapy treatment.

"It has given me a bit of an insight but we're very lucky that none of us have had to go through chemo, I am really thankful for that,” she said.

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