TOUGH BATTLE: Crossroads took on Miles at Chinchilla Rec Grounds last Saturday.
TOUGH BATTLE: Crossroads took on Miles at Chinchilla Rec Grounds last Saturday. Brooke Duncan

Crossroads cricketers hold high hopes for season

A TOUGH battle was in store for the Crossroads Cricket Club as they went head-to-head with Miles last Saturday.

Club president Brenton Bourke said the second game of the season was full of surprises.

"Crossroads fielded first, we had Miles nine wickets for 200 runs off 40 overs,” Mr Bourke said.

"Lachlan Cardillo had a bowl late in the innings and he took four wickets for 23 runs which is really good for a young fella of his age.”

Grant Anderson, Coby Calleja and Nick Buddem, who made 64 runs not out, were also praised for their performance.

Mr Bourke said the season offered a perfect opportunity to test out some of the younger players.

"The club has been able to bring in a lot of junior players into the senior rank this year,” he said. "Probably for a few of the older guys, it's a lot more enjoyable now, being able to see these young fellas develop and come through the ranks.

"Our goal for Crossroads club now, really is to keep them involved in the game and get them developed as they are going to be the future of the club ahead.”

This age dynamic is new for the club who were undergoing a stage of rebuilding last year.

"We really struggled for players last year,” Mr Bourke said.

"We spoke to the Chinchilla Cricket Association about trying to get young players and here we are now.

"In each of our games, we have taken a lot of positives out of them and are building towards a great year.

The next battle on the ranks, is set for this Saturday where the club will take on the Taroom Wandoan side.

Anyone interested in joining the club is encouraged to contact Mr Bourke at 0407753618.

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