Croc killed after accidentally being put in ice bath

ENVIRONMENT Department officers tried unsuccessfully to defrost a dying crocodile after it was accidentally placed in an ice bath at an Innisfail fish farm.

The bizarre incident happened in August last year, however was only made public recently following rumours a dead crocodile had been left in a carpark in the town last month.

An Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) Department spokesman said the organisation had "received no information" to back up the recent rumour.

He said the incident involving the 1.4 metre crocsicle occurred after workers at the fish farm "inadvertently caught" the animal and transferred it into an ice bath used to freeze fish prior to them being taken to market.

"The crocodile sank to the bottom without being seen by farm staff," the spokesman said.

"The next day farm workers discovered the crocodile in a semi frozen state when they emptied the ice bath.

"The farm manager contacted EHP, advising officers that he believed the animal was dead."

When officers arrived, the crocodile was found to be still alive, but near death.

"The crocodile was placed in a tube for safe transportation and containment and transferred to EHP's Innisfail facility," the spokesman said.

"Based on advice from EHP's crocodile experts, it was decided the animal would have the

best possible chance of survival by being left in a container in a warm, dark room where it would not be disturbed.

"As crocodiles are cold-blooded animals, EHP officers believed immersion in the ice bath had fatally harmed the animal but a decision was made to give the crocodile every chance of recovery."

Unfortunately for the crocodile, it could not be saved.

News Corp Australia

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