Crime wrap up for the weekend.
Crime wrap up for the weekend.

CRIME WRAP: Buy, Swap and Sell transaction goes wrong

Buy, swap and fraud charges

ONE 37-year-old woman must have mistaken the Buy, Swap and Sell community page for a Buy, Swap and Steal page

Police allege a Roma man had advertised his second-hand iPhone 6 on a community buy, swap and sell page when a 37-year-old female offered to purchase the phone and asked the seller for his bank details before sending screenshots of a bank statement proving the purchase of the phone.

The two met and the man handed over the iPhone then returned home to find the money didn't transfer into his account.

Police allege the offender blocked the seller from contacting her after the transaction was made.

The female was charged with fraud on January 19 and will appear in the Roma Magistrates Court on February 5.

Five charges for a 15-year-old Roma boy

POLICE allege juveniles have been on a property damaging rampage throughout the weekend.

About 3.20pm on January 17, a group of offenders threw rocks at a car cracking the windscreen. The offenders then threw a rock cracking the window of the victim's house.

Police allege the victim followed the juveniles in his car as they ran down the street.

One offender allegedly broke into a neighbour's backyard, stealing a shovel and threatening the victim.

Another offender allegedly jumped in the victim's car and revved the vehicle.

Police have charged one 15-year-old male with two counts of wilful damage, trespassing, theft, armed to cause fear and common assault.

The offender will appear in the Roma Children's Court on February 4.

26-year-old male shows off his cheek to police

THE bare buttocks of a 26-year-old man will remain ingrained in the memories of Roma police officers after he decided to pull down his pants at McDonald'.

Police were called to the restaurant at 12.30am on January 18 after reports that a female was creating a disturbance.

Police said the male started filming police as they tried to tell the female to move on from the restaurant.

The male allegedly stood in the way of police and told them to leave the female alone before he pulled down his pants exposing his back side.

The 26-year-old then allegedly fled from McDonald's and police chased him down Hawthorne St before arresting him.

He was charged with committing public nuisance and obstructing police.

The offender will appear in the Roma Magistrates Court on February 5.

Female purse stolen from the beer garden at The Commonwealth.

OFFENDERS have allegedly stolen a female's wallet from the beer garden of a licensed venue.

Police said the victim had her wallet sitting on the table when she left the area and returned to the table to find it was missing.

Police said the purse was dumped nearby but the female's phone was missing.

She tried to track it down from her friend's phone but had no luck.

Police are awaiting CCTV footage from The Commonwealth and investigations are ongoing.

Break and enter

UNKNOWN offenders have allegedly broken and entered a home on Conlan St.

Police allege that between 6pm on January 17 and 11.45am on January 18 offenders entered the house by kicking down the back door.

Police said the victim came home to find draws and cupboards opened throughout the house and clothes thrown all over the floor.

Police are still investigating this matter.

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