THREATENING: The first game of seniors cricket was overshadowed by storm clouds.
THREATENING: The first game of seniors cricket was overshadowed by storm clouds. Brooke Duncan

Cricket season hits off in Chinnie

THOUGH ominous grey clouds loomed and thunder boomed, the first weekend of seniors cricket was a smashing success.

The season hit off with Crossroads v Brigalow at the Don Wolski Oval in Chinchilla on Saturday.

The game started at noon, and the contest lasted into the afternoon with Brigalow taking home the victory.

The final score was 242 runs to Brigalow, and Crossroads in reply only got 183.

Crossroads president Darren Hooper said despite a delay as the clouds passed overhead, the cricketers quickly got into the swing.

Standout Brigalow players included Stephen Brownhalls with 78 runs and Hayden Flett with 61 in the first innings.

In bowling Chris Gaskell got two for 41 off eight overs and Sam Henningsen got three for 15 off eight overs bowling spin.

In his first senior game Will Playsted snatched four for 34 off seven overs.

Bowling in the first innings Crossroads' Sam Roberts got three for 30 on seven overs, and first-time seniors player Justin Gleeson got one for 24 off six overs.

In batting Crossroads' Lindsay Lean scored 70 runs.

Overall Hooper said it was a great first game.

"It was a very enjoyable game.

"Both teams got along really well.”

He said it was important to see young people coming into the sport as older players retired.

"It was good to see some young players playing cricket,” Hooper said.

"Keeping the game alive.”

Hooper said that when he first started there were eight teams in the area, and before that more than ten.

There are now only five.

But it's not only in regional Queensland, Hooper said the same problem is happening in major centres and along the coast.

"Interest has died off heaps for cricket,” he said.

And while he isn't sure exactly what's causing the drop in numbers, Hooper said it could be in part do to increasingly busy schedules and changes in lifestyle.

"I think it could just be generations,” he said.

This Saturday the competition will continue as Crossroads plays Canaga and Taroom plays Brigalow.

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