Court upholds celebrity threesome injunction

THE Supreme Court of England has extended a privacy injunction which is stopping the Sun on Sunday - part of the NewsCorp group - from revealing the identity of a celebrity who had a threesome while married. 

The case has become an interesting battle over whether or not an injunction can stop a celebrity from being named by the media, in the age of the internet, when details of the case can simply be published by a website outside of the court's jurisdiction. 

Since the injunction was originally granted in January several publications outside of England have published stories claiming to name the celebrity involved.

ARM can not reveal the identity of the celebrity involved or speculate as to the accuracy of these reports.

It's claimed the celebrity at the centre of the case - known only as PJS - had an extramarital threesome with another couple four years ago. 

That couple then went to the Sun and offered to sell their story - in order to give PJS a right of reply the newspaper contacted the celebrity's lawyers, which led to the court battle. 

In a written judgment on the issue the court reasoned there was a: "well-established principle that "kiss and tell" stories which do no more than satisfy readers' curiosity about the private lives of other not serve any legally recognised public interest."

The court also found that "the proposed article would generate a media storm and much public interest in the appellant's family, including increased press attention to the children, meaning that the children would in due course learn about the relevant matters from school friends and the internet."

And therefore, the court found that the information should not be made public. 

However the court has also cleared the way for a full trial on the matter later in the year and noted that any potential harm to the couple's children may have already been done - thus leaving the door open to future publication. 

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