COTTON GROWERS: Chinchilla's Greg and Maryanne Bender.
COTTON GROWERS: Chinchilla's Greg and Maryanne Bender. Brooke Duncan

Cotton growers to host field day

CHINCHILLA region cotton growers Greg and Maryanne Bender are set to host the annual grower of the year field day at the end of the month.

The Benders were the recipients of the 2017 cotton grower of the year award, in recognition of their water management and farm efficiency, among other factors.

Mr Bender said the judging is done differently now to how it was in the past.

"If you went back say 20 years ago everyone used to talk a about a yield as the criteria for any sort of competition,” Mr Bender said.

"Then the more they looked into it, well what's the point if you grow this really high yield if you use three times as much fertiliser as what you really should be using and you're... using all this water.”

And Mrs Bender agreed.

"They're looking at farm efficiency, sustainability as far as your crop growing as well as efficiency on farms with using storing and using your fuel and water and that sort of thing,” Mrs Bender said.

She said the award was a good recognition from peers in the industry that they were achieving a high standard of farming sustainability.

"(If) you want to be here for a longer term that's what you've got to look at,” she said.

The Benders explained the upcoming field day at their property, Burradoo Plains, is an opportunity to hear speakers discuss 'delivering for performance'.

The day will include four sessions, covering farming success and high achievement, defoliation pricincipals, and the 'unbreakable' farmer.

All local growers are invited to attend. For more information, or to register, contact Liz Lobsey on 0419740371 or Mary O'Brien on 0408982291.

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