Tanya Buckland has been missing since 2013.
Tanya Buckland has been missing since 2013.

COLD CASE: Missing Warwick mother with links to murderer

MOTHER-of-three Tanya Buckland disappeared from Warwick more than seven years ago, but her family remain hopeful that one day they'll see her smiling face again.

The annual National Missing Persons Week campaign runs from today until August 8, imploring members of the public to come forward with information as to the whereabouts of 2600 missing Australians.

Tanya was last seen on Palmerin St on Sunday, August 11, 2013 and according to state police, there are significant concerns for her safety and welfare.

If still alive today, she would be 43 years old, and a grandmother.

There have been several key developments in her case over the years.

The Warwick woman wrote to family members, Warwick police and the Daily News to tell them she was alive and well just a few months after she went missing, but did not reveal her whereabouts.

She included two self-portraits photos of herself, alongside a note that wrote, "Sorry for the inconvenience".

At the time, the Warwick Criminal Investigation Branch said they were satisfied the communications were legitimate, given references made to family members, nicknames and the like.

Tanya's mother, Sheralyn Buckland, told the public that her daughter suffered from bipolar disorder, which "when gone untreated, causes extreme swings in her mood".

"Sometimes she resorts to (the) use of illegal substances to self-medicate," Sheralyn said.

"This can put her in harm's way and we are really concerned for her."

Queensland Police Missing Person's Unit head Detective Senior Sergeant Damien Powell said Tanya allegedly told her teenage daughter that she was going away for a year and was headed to New South Wales.

Several of Tanya's belongings were found in the home of convicted murderer Vincent O'Dempsey in 2017, however Sgt Powell said they were unsure about what, if any, involvement Tanya had with the man.

Tanya’s belongings were found in the home of convicted murderer Vince (Vincent) O'Dempsey.
Tanya’s belongings were found in the home of convicted murderer Vince (Vincent) O'Dempsey.

Her case drew further attention when it became the focus of an ethical hackathon by an Adelaide team last year, who generated several additional, though unsuccessful, leads.

Sheralyn continues to update the Facebook page, Help find Tanya Buckland, pleading with her daughter to finally make contact.

The most recent sighting came from Robert Ricci in October last year, who claimed he saw someone matching Tanya's description in Cairns. This was not verified.

Tanya is 173cm tall, with a slim build, light brown hair, hazel eyes and a fair complexion.

She may go by Tanya Walker, Tanya Buckland or her married name, Tanya Radic.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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