LEAGUE LOVER: Chinchilla's Trish Little will tour England.
LEAGUE LOVER: Chinchilla's Trish Little will tour England. Brooke Duncan

Chinchilla player jetting off on tour of lifetime

CHINCHILLA'S Trish Little might never be a Jillaroo, but she's got the chance to taste what it might be like as she embarks on a tour of England with her rugby league club, the Toowoomba Valley Fillies.

When her team was asked if any players were interested in heading overseas for the chance to play, Ms Little's hand shot up.

"We've got an A side and a B side, and it's anyone out of those groups that wanted to go to London could go to play,” she said.

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me... I'm not the best player, I do it for the love of the game but also fitness for myself, and I see this as my only chance to being similar to a Jillaroo.”

She and her teammates will take to the sky on October 1 and their first match will be in Leeds, followed by Yorkshire and Whitley Bay.

It's a particularly exciting chance for Ms Little, who's never been overseas.

And it won't be all about competition, with players getting time to soak up the UK atmosphere.

"There is a couple of days where we will get to sightsee,” Ms Little said.

"I think the coach has got organised that we get a bus and we go to either Scotland or Ireland. That's only like a two-hour drive from where we're staying the first time.”

But the trip isn't cheap and Ms Little is busy fundraising.

"The RSL have donated a Cameron Smith Queensland frame and they're selling tickets for $2 a ticket, and I've got tickets too.

"And then we're going to do a high tea cent auction on Mother's Day at the RSL.

"I'm still working out the ins and outs of that.

"Unfortunately, football wasn't around when I was younger so I never got involved.

"I've watched my kids grow up and play football for under-7s, but when I got a chance to play I just figured why not?

"I've done everything for them and I've done everything from canteen convenor to secretary to first aider... so I figured why not do something for myself?”

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