Artwork by Kay Joyce.
Artwork by Kay Joyce. Contributed

Capture the moment in nature

THE natural environment is the inspiration for, and subject of, a new exhibition at Lapunyah Art Gallery.

Capture the Moment was developed by Creatif 4, a group of four regional artists with a variety of talents ranging from painting to glass work, silver work to textile art, and all have a story to share.

For textile artist Kay Joyce, her journey started 18 years ago when she and her husband moved to the Bunya Mountains and started an art and craft gallery and tea room.

It was there she met fellow artists Belinda Dann (silver artist), Margaret Rose Howick (painter), and Meg Stevenson (glass artist).

"I think we hit it off and formed a friendship, we also loved creating and so that all melded together and we've had a very close friendship association ever since,” Mrs Joyce said.

"We all are interested in the natural environment around us, and I guess that's one of the things that binds us together in our interests, and so we're inspired by things that we see around us, we do spend a lot of time staring at the trees, looking at the birds, the flowers and all those sorts of things and we use those to give us ideas for creating artwork.”

The current exhibition was inspired by the idea of 'capture the moment', leading the four creatives to ponder moments spent in nature, whether at home or travelling.

And for Mrs Joyce, there's was plenty of inspiration for her wearable art, which includes scarves, men's ties, and handkerchiefs.

"They're a piece of artwork that can be worn, and in that sense they're a very practical piece of artwork that people can enjoy on a daily basis,” she explained.

"They can use their reaction to that piece of artwork, now whether it's the feel of the fibre or the fabric, or the colour, to enhance their daily life when they're wearing that particular garment, and each one of them has it's own particular story.”

"(The scarves and shawls) are just so soft, and they have such a luxurious feel that feeling them wrapped around the body actually enhances the mood and makes you feel uplifted, the colours are designed that way and when you look at some of those shawls and scarves the silk Georgette ones for example, there's a pink one there, that was inspired by the peace rose that I have growing in the garden so I used all the colours that you find in the petals of the peace rose.

"There's a couple there, there's one with greens and one with blues that were inspired by glaciers when I visited glaciers in New Zealand for example and in North America, when you look into the ice of the glacier, you see all these beautiful rich shades of greens and blues which are determined by the minerals in the water and how they refract the light.

Mrs Joyce encouraged those looking at the exhibition to take a moment to read the short stories that go with the artworks.

"They're our reflections that were in our minds, in our hearts, when we were creating,” she said.

"Think about what we've been thinking about when we've created that work... because there is a deeper meaning.

"Rhere's been something behind what's made that, and that is what makes it art, it's an expression of our thinking and our ideas, and the reflections that we've made.”

Capture the Moment is on display at Lapunyah Art Gallery until June 21.

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