BIZARRE: BOM have "no explanation" for the twister that has formed over CQ.

WATCH: BOM shocked as 'vorticity' brings CQ twister

WEATHER experts at the Bureau of Meteorology have been left shocked after a twister formed in Central Queensland in perfectly fine conditions. 

Before viewing the stunning footage, BoM meteorologist Michael Paech said the relatively fine conditions at Biloela would make it virtually impossible for a twister to form.

But after watching the footage, Mr Paech said there was "obviously, some sort of vorticity" taking hold of Central Queensland's sky.

"It looks like the cloud base is pretty high, but as for the explanation as to why that has occurred, I don't have it off the top of my head," Mr Paech said.

"I would imagine there would be some sort of turning of the winds, or vorticity.

(But) it doesn't look like the winds are too strong either."

Mr Paech said radar images showed Biloela had a shower about this afternoon, but not enough instability in the atmosphere to trigger a twister.

He said balloons The Bureau released at about 7am showed limited potential for enough "turning of the winds" to form a twister.

"There's a certain amount of vorticity that the atmosphere could latch onto," he said.

"(But) I would have no explanation for that."

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