Court shows alarming trend of violence in the home

DESPITE positive efforts to bring attention to the plight of domestic violence, often the brutal consequences of it can only be told through the courthouse.

Like many courts in Queensland, Gladstone has a special day every week dedicated to dealing with domestic violence.


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Mike Knott


The facts bear out this alarming trend too, with the number of breaches to Domestic and Family Violence Protection Orders in Capricornia increasing from 1357 in 2014/15 to 1637 in 2015/16.

In one instance of domestic violence The Observer reported on a case where a man who attacked his pregnant wife was sentenced to 12 months jail with parole after four months.


He had previously served a jail term for a shooting incident involving relatives where he protected her, but this time instead of being his wife's protector he was her attacker.

The court heard that there had been an argument in which the wife slapped the man and he grabbed her by the neck, pushed her against a kitchen bench and slapped her multiple times with the palm of his hand.

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