CREATING INDIGENOUS JOBS: Biodiversity Australia's two newest employees, local Michael Wiegell and soon to be local Shayne Tull
CREATING INDIGENOUS JOBS: Biodiversity Australia's two newest employees, local Michael Wiegell and soon to be local Shayne Tull Zoe Bell

Biodiversity comes to Chinchilla with local focus

AN APSPIRING park ranger but struggling to find work, Shayne Tull is moving locally to work for the new company in town.

Biodiversity Australia which is a 100% Indigenous-owned company has purchased some property in Chinchilla with the hope to create long-term sustainable jobs for indigenous locals.

Working alongside unemployment offices such as Indigenous Workstars and local company BEST Employment, they have helped find jobs for indigenous members including Mr Tull.

"There was no work in Mount Morgan so I'm just thankful that I can find work here," Mr Tull said.

"I'm really thankful for the opportunity and I will just have to show my appreciation by working hard," he said.

"I can't wait to get started and hopefully it leads to bigger and better things."

The Gold Coast-based company who has an office in Coomera want to set up a firm presence within the local community.

General manager, David Wright says the company is really devoted to the local area.

The managing director of the company is on the Chamber of Commerce and several meeting have already been held with Western Downs Mayor, Paul McVeigh to discuss what the company will be doing.

"We are making sure we are providing local opportunities for staffing but also making sure we are putting the local spend back into the community as well," Mr Wright said.

Eager to have a local focus, Biodiveristy is not only employing local indigenous residents but also encouraging non-local employees to become a local, which for Mr Tull meant moving his life and living in Dalby. To help him become more of a local he is trying to emerge himself in the Chinchilla way of life.

"I'm happy there is a cinema is town," Mr Tull said.

"I have to be able to watch my Marvel movies."

The company is keeping their staff local but they are also buying local.

Whenever they need to purchase equipment Biodiversity Australia Vegetation Project Coordinator, David Law said they will always try to get it from community businesses.

"The local Mitre 10 have been really helpful, the girls there are lovely," Law said.

"We have brought some things from Wood Ag as well," he said.

"I think the accountants are getting sick of me because I'm always asking to set up different accounts for all the different local businesses."

Mr Law doesn't work at Chinchilla but the drive in, drive out employee loves to experience the local accommodation and cuisine and encourages others visiting to do the same.

"When staff come from Brisbane, they stay at Laurels which is really nice and cosy," he said.

"Sharpies make a really good breakfast and the pies at Panache at Home are just so good."

Moving forward into the future the company hopes that it can help residents by continuing to expand their resources and service delivery.

They currently provide vegetation management, fauna spotting catchment work, deal with pest species of animals such as kangaroos and deer's and offer ecology services as well.

Aiming to stay around for a while, Mr Wright is confident they can achieve what they set out to achieve.

"I am very confidence we will be able to achieve what we set out to achieve," Mr Wright said.

"The resource sector is strong out there and we certainly have got a long-term plan on being out in the community and being a part of every aspect with can."

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