Ted Logan intends to lose 100kg in his own personal weight loss challenge.
Ted Logan intends to lose 100kg in his own personal weight loss challenge.

Big Ted's big task - lose 100kg

SHEDDING 100kg sounds like a big task, but it is a challenge Ted Logan is tackling head-on.

Looking to improve his quality of life, Mr Logan, 40, has combined with Anytime Fitness to help him lose the weight.

He said he had put the weight on over the years as a result of changing his lifestyle to suit his work habits. Previously working night shifts, he said the weight gain had eventually had a major impact on his life.

"The decline in my health... it sort of got to the point where I had to give it away and take up a more healthy lifestyle," he said.

About four months into his journey, Mr Logan said he had managed to lose about 10kg - but he was under no illusion about how far he had to go.

"It's going to be a long haul to get back to where I used to be," he said, adding it was more than simple exercise which was going to get him to his ultimate goal.

"There's a few changes I still need to make outside the gym."

Growing up in Gympie before leaving in 1997, he had come back as part of his decision to change his life.

Suffering from a bad knee, Mr Logan said his trainer Tex Houston had started him with upper body weight work in an effort to provide a cardio workout in a less traditional way.

He said the benefits of that decision were already evident.

"I've started to find my endurance is coming back, where I was struggling to climb the stairs.

"Being able to engage in the activities I used to participate in previously.

"Getting out and about, being more mobile, and basically having the more active lifestyle I used to enjoy."

Having trained people in the army, Tex Houston said he was thrilled to be able to help Mr Logan make the change, having known him for about 10 years.

"We all started somewhere," Mr Houston said.

While focused at the moment on simply helping Mr Logan lose weight, he said he intended to help him become involved in some of the fitness events which are popular.

Anyone looking to follow Mr Logan as he achieves his goal can follow his story on Facebook at Big Ted's Journey.

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