A man has been refused bail for multiple charges in court today.
A man has been refused bail for multiple charges in court today.

Bail refused for dad accused of recording young girl

A FATHER who allegedly secretly recorded a young girl undressing through a fence and distributed it has had his bail refused.

The 48-year-old man appeared in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Friday, facing charges of making and distributing child exploitation material and unlawful stalking.

The court heard the man had allegedly taken secret recordings of the girl undressing through her fence while outside her house.



Police prosecutor James Allen opposed the bail application, saying the man was an unacceptable risk of committing further offences and they needed to consider the protection of the community, particularly children.

"In relation to the stalking offences, they relate to the occasions between May 2 and May 21 where the defendant has (allegedly) used his mobile phone to make the secret recordings of the victim," he said.

The court heard the making child exploitation charges related to these recordings, where the victim was in various stages of undressing.

"It's my submission that they are serious children protection offences. He is someone with a significant history, having been placed on the reportable offenders registry," Mr Allen said.

"The offences are committed in a sly manner over a period of time."

Defence lawyer Matt Cooper agreed the charges were serious and the man would be jailed if found guilty.


He said there was a strong case for the making of child exploitation material, but not for unlawful stalking or distribution.

Mr Cooper argued that because the alleged victim was not aware what the man was doing until told by police, no damage had been caused.

He also argued that the man only emailed the images to himself.

Magistrate Rod Madsen said there was an allegation that the man had used a dropbox, which could have been accessed by other people.

Mr Madsen said he was concerned police found a number of email profiles on the man's home computer, which the man denied were his.

The court heard the man was married, had a young daughter and was employed as a full-time chef.

Mr Cooper said the man's bail address would be with his parents, who were in the courtroom supporting him.

Mr Madsen said if bailed, it would be impossible to stop the man from using the internet in the current era.

"I'm asked to accept that he's going to the right thing and not access the internet on any basis whatsoever - I don't accept that," he said.

Mr Madsen refused the bail.

The man will face his charges in Maroochydore District Court at a later date.

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