The Bachelor recap: 'You're just after fame, really'

ONE woman's chances of winning The Bachelor have been sabotaged by her own best friend who left Matty stunned with the accusation he is "just here for fame".

It's the hometown visits for the final four gals - and it's my favourite part of the competition. Over several days, a team of producers walk into the childhood homes of the remaining contestants, spruce the shacks up with some new scatter cushions and try and trick the mums into saying something bitchy.

First up, we head to the Gold Coast to visit Tara and her family. Just moments after entering the backyard, Matty is taken by surprise when he's confronted and asked a very bold question.

"Do you love each other?" a voice asks.

The person doing today's grilling is this tough nut.


This three-year-old knows where it's at and calls time early on this whole charade to go take a nap. She leaves Tara's brother Troy to finish her dirty work. To be honest, he lacks her grit.

When we catch our first glimpse of Troy, the family resemblance is uncanny.

Identical, right?
Identical, right?

In an attempt to make Troy seem tough, producers make him wear his hat backwards and tell him to ask a question in a menacing voice.

"You may as well just tell us now, are you gonna pick Tara or not?" he grunts.

Matty tries to answer the question without actually answering the question.

He'll be doing this a lot on this episode.

"At the moment I don't know the answer to that question," he begins.

"Liar!" Troy spits, when prompted by a producer to spice this scene up.

Tara's brother-in-law also jumps on board.

"Surely you can find a girlfriend or a partner without having to go on a show like this?" he snaps at Matty. I don't know why they don't think the same about Tara.


[screams internally]
[screams internally]

Matty makes a swift escape and heads to Melbourne, which we're all calling Florence's "home town". It's not. She's from Amsterdam and moved to Melbourne a few weeks before entering this competition, but - like a Zac Efron movie - we just have to submit ourselves.

"It was a bit of a shock when I found out I wasn't going to meet any of her family," Matty tells us, genuinely surprised that Network Ten - a corporation which was placed into administration earlier this year - didn't fly out Florence's relatives to Melbourne to meet a guy she probably won't end up with. This is the first sign of the evening that Florence will not win.

In place of Florence's nearest and dearest, we meet two chicks she met on a Contiki tour one time.

And one of the friends decides to pick up where Tara's brother left off by asking Matty's favourite question.

"Why do you choose to be on a show like this? Why?" she probes. "I just don't believe you'd go on a show like this and end up finding true love."

And, again, I don't know why the same thinking doesn't apply to Florence.

The best friend then decides to sabotage Florence's chances at winning by slapping Matty with a harsh accusation: "You're just after fame, really."

This chick is out to completely dash Florence's chances. When Matty asks if Florence will want to move back to Holland after a year or two, she basically says "hmm, probably" and that seals Florence's fate. Florence will not win this show.

Down in some bay in South Australia, Elise makes false claims about her home town.

"It's so green!" she gushes to Matty about the landscape.

Yep, so green.
Yep, so green.

Elise warns Matty her mum is a bit unpredictable and she's right. Two minutes after Matty arrives at the family home, Elise's mum excuses herself to the kitchen to "cook". Candid footage captured from the garden outside the kitchen window then shows her swigging alcohol by herself.

She's busted by Matty who comes in to help with dinner and she quickly picks up a saucepan and pretends to mash potatoes or something.


Just a sneaky little sip.
Just a sneaky little sip.

Feeling defensive, she probes Matty with his favourite question: "You had to go on reality TV to meet someone?"
In the end, he talks her around and they all get on wonderfully. Matty loves Elise and her family and she might even win this whole thing.

I'm in two minds about it. I've grown to like Elise and her bizarrely strong Liz Ellis vibes and I want her to be happy. But, honestly, she's too good for him.

When we get to Laura's turn, her home town is listed as "Sydney" in the subtitles and she's probably mortified at this error because, in episode one, she made it perfectly clear she lives specifically in "Rushcutters". Anyway, I'm sick of Laura and her Bondi hipster accent.

We go to her sister's house for dinner and this broad makes a move on Matty.

Oh g'day Nan.
Oh g'day Nan.

After dinner, Laura actually goes a bit psycho. On her sister's driveway, she tells Matty she likes him and that it's a huge deal she chose to bring him home to meet her family - ignoring the fact the visit was contractually obligated.

But Matty feels like Laura's not really being herself.

"There's more there that Laura's not telling me," he tells us suspiciously.

"Are you 100 per cent certain?" he asks Laura about her feelings towards him.

She gets defensive.

"Are you 100 per cent certain?" she hits back. "You can't answer. You know I want this."

Matty asks her again. Her eyes widen. She grins. But she's not elated. It's almost manic.

No Matty, don't look her in the eyes!
No Matty, don't look her in the eyes!

"Don't do that. Not if you can't say the same thing back to me. It is petrifying because I don't know if you want this or not yet. And that's where we're at."

At this point I think Laura is just acting for the cameras and she needs to get out of my life and go back to Rushcutters.

As all the girls make their way back to the Bachelor mansion, Matty thinks long and hard about who he wants to dump. There's one moment he keeps replaying in his mind.

"You're just after fame."

The accusation thrown at him by Florence's Contiki Tour friend plays over and over in his head.

He can't overcome it.

The friend has sabotaged any chance of a relationship between Matty and Florence.

So at the rose ceremony, he tells Florence to grab her clogs and hit the bricks.

And as if that's not enough of a slap in the face, Florence is then made to walk across the grass in her stilettos while a camera remains on her the whole time.

To borrow some wise words from Florence herself: It's so not Dutch.

Florence hates herself for not wearing a sensible clog.Source:Channel 10
Florence hates herself for not wearing a sensible clog.Source:Channel 10
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