Great digital subscription deal.
Great digital subscription deal.

Australia's best news deal: Get the big stories first here

IN BUSINESS, good advice is always worth paying for. Being fully informed can save you a small fortune and give you the edge over your competitors.

It's no different when it comes to local news.

It pays to belong to those 'in the know' about what's going on around them - and never has it been more critical in a social media age where so much false information is being pumped out.

Our journalists are dedicated to finding the stories that really matter - as well as the ones that will give you a laugh and lift your day.

As a news organisation, we believe in giving people the information they need. And we know that at the start of the year, money can be tight.

That's why we're offering you our best digital subscription offer - for just $3 a week, you will have access to all local news, state news and national news.

Not only does that give you access to the best local stories - stories from the local courthouse, council and sporting field - but also the best stories from The Courier-Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the Herald-Sun and other regional titles from the Toowoomba Chronicle to the Gold Coast Bulletin and the Daily Mercury.

Our subscribers are the first to hear about business openings and closures; the details of the cases going through local courts and council, new development projects, job opportunities, as well as the best guide to local events and community happenings.

You'll also get access to email alerts on big breaking police, crime and business stories.


A morning and afternoon newsletter will ensure you're up to date with the best of our local stories while breaking news and big local stories will be sent via alerts.


We're asking you to help fund our journalism. This is local information that matters, and without reporters on the ground, government and other organisations would be able to work in virtual secrecy, without proper checks and balances.

Your subscription will help to fund stories that really matter to our local community. Without you, many of them would never be told.

We take our responsibility to you seriously.


Check out some of the great reward offers via +Rewards page.
Check out some of the great reward offers via +Rewards page.


As a digital subscriber, you will also enjoy access to the +Rewards program via The Courier-Mail in Queensland or The Daily Telegraph in New South Wales.

There you can enjoy free magazine, movie and book offers as well as special deals. Updated monthly, check out what's available exclusively here - you must be an eligible subscriber to redeem and access these offers.


As a subscriber, you will also get access to the Australia's most popular fantasy footy, SuperCoach, including extra information, stats, and player projections.


Your full digital subscription gives you full access to the best news and sports columnists in the country, as well as great advice on making the most of your money and getting healthier and happier in 2020.

It's without doubt the best couple of dollars you'll spend all year.


We've had boots on the ground for years, bringing you news and information. Who else does that in our town? We look forward to your support.

Finally, it should be noted the changes to our website, does not affect your print product, which will continue.

You can subscribe here or phone us on 1300 361 604 

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