AUDIO: Lockyer MP Ian Rickuss to retire at next election

UPDATE 11.50AM: FINDING a replacement for MP Ian Rickuss at the next State election will be no easy task, according to Opposition leader Tim Nicholls.

"I pay tribute to Ian Rickuss who will not be standing at the next election after more than a decade as the Member for Lockyer," Mr Nicholls said this morning.

"I thank Ian for his dedication and hard work for the people of Lockyer, a community he loves.

"My most vivid memories of Ian and his wife Ann are of their tremendous work following the 2011 floods. Anyone who heard Ian speak of the devastation that he saw could not help but be moved.

Opposition leader Tim Nicholls
Opposition leader Tim Nicholls GLENN HUNT

"On behalf of the LNP parliamentary team, I want to recognise Ian for his unwavering support for the cause, his steadfast belief in our values, his good humour and his sterling contribution.

"It's a sign of Ian's commitment to the LNP that he's letting members know now of his decision in good time to enable the party to carefully and responsibly search for a replacement.

"That will be no easy task.

"In the meantime, I look forward to Ian continuing his hard work for the people of Lockyer and being a valuable part of the LNP team."


EARLIER: AFTER 13 years in State Parliament, Lockyer MP Ian Rickuss is ready to hang up his hat.

MP Ian Rickuss
MP Ian Rickuss Inga Williams


Mr Rickuss this morning announced his retirement as of the next state election with view to swap his political role for that of a full time family man and grandfather.

Mr Rickuss was first elected in 2004 but five successful elections later, he is ready to leave the LNP seat in the hands of somebody new.

"I've got a fair bit or grey hair and I'm almost 63 so depending on when the election is called by the end of the next term I would be 67 going on 68 and I just want to spend a bit of time with my family," he said this morning.

"I've spent the last 13 years being very involved as the member for Lockyer and it's being a good member of Parliament is very hard work and very draining on your family.

"I'm ready to hang my hat but it's always a bit sad. It's been a great privilege to be the member for Lockyer and the people have supported me very strongly over five elections and that highlights the fact I was doing something right and the community did support me.

"It will be sad and I'll be more than happy to give the next LNP candidate a bit of advice and a hand up."

He said he held off making the announcement in the view of an early election, which was yet to announced.

"I held off just in case the Premier did decide to go to an early election but the trouble with this Labor party is I don't think they will be going too early," Mr Rickuss said.

"This will give us enough time to make sure we select an appropriate candidate for Lockyer and the LNP and we have time to get them some runs on the board and talk to the community and understand what the community wants from them."

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