ARTISAN BAKERS: Jessica and Brad Gorry can't wait to open their second bakery soon.
ARTISAN BAKERS: Jessica and Brad Gorry can't wait to open their second bakery soon. Jessica Schremmer

Artisan bakery soon to open

SQUARE shaped pies are baker Brett Gorry's trademark amongst the Miles community and the wider Western Downs region.

Brett Gorry and his wife Jessica Gorry are opening the doors to their second artisan bakery in Brigalow at the end of November.

Mr Gorry has been baking since he was 11- years-old and said he loved what he does.

"Baking pastries and cakes are my favourite and cakes make everyone happy, which is the idea of it,” Mr Gorry said.

Mrs Gorry said they were excited to open their second bakery after buying Maces Hot Bread in Miles in 2010.

"We are not doing it for ourselves, we are doing it for everybody, the community, it's for Brigalow, it's for the tourists its for the locals,” Mrs Gorry said.

"We want it to be a place where you can sit and relax and enjoy your coffee, enjoy what's out here and enjoy the countryside of it.

"We are from a small country town and would like to give back to the country people.”

Both bakers by trade are looking forward to offering traditional artisan breads, sourdough breads, rye breads, and crusty topped ciabattas to the local community.

Mr Gorry said their long-term project was to have a wood-fired bread oven.

"We can then show people how to make bread,” he said.

Mr Gorry said at the opening they would have cronuts on offer, a cross between a croissant and a doughnut that are the new craze.

"So your croissant is really light and fluffy, and your doughnut will be layers of pastry and they are really light and crispy,” he said.

"You deep-fry them, so it's like deep fried pastry.”

Mrs Gorry said they were really soft in the middle and flaky on the outside and they could be filled with delicious fresh cream, caramels, Mars bars or Tim-Tams.

"We sell a lot of them back in the other shop in Miles, the caramel ones are what people go for first.”

Not to forget, the bakers also scored a silver and bronze medal at the Great Aussie Pie Competition in 2016 for their garlic pepper sausage rolls and chunky steak pies.

The family's up-and-coming offspring is already learning the art of baking with eight-year-old Lily making cakes and five-year old Riley not far from joining Lily.

Mr Gorry said he took her with him to the bakery on weekends and she got up at 3am in the mornings.

"If she jumps up and is ready, yes she comes in with me, she loves it and gets pretty upset if you don't take her,” he said.

Ms Gorry said they loved what they were doing and hoped everyone loved what they do.

The artisan bakery will be part of the Brigalow Artisan Village, which is currently under development.

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