Anthony "Boy” Turnbull at the preview of his latest exhibition at Lapunyah Art Gallery. Brooke Duncan

Art inspired by vivid stories of the past

CHINCHILLA'S Anthony "Boy” Turnbull has plenty of stories to share, and his art is the vessel through which he's sharing them.

Mr Turnbull's latest exhibition, Stepping into the Future, is on display on Lapunyah Art Gallery.

He said it was inspired both by the books he'd read and the stories he'd been told.

"Stories from my aunties and uncles, in particular my 91-year-old aunty who was nearly part of the Stolen Generation,” Mr Turnbull said.

"Her father, my grandfather ... they were down in Bourke working down around there. This is a story she told me.

"He could just read a little bit and he knew that the police were coming to pick her up because she was a little bit light-coloured, and he read that so they packed up and they left.

"So they walked from Bourke to Bollon ... and he worked around that area for a while before they walked from Bollon to Cunnamulla, which is about 200km.

"She remembers walking that when she was four years old, so she's got a lot of stories.

"Some of the stories that I read I like to put those on canvas as well, and just to share them with people and educate people who want to know, want to learn.”

Mr Turnbull's style crosses the bridge between modern and traditional, combining traditional colour and techniques, with more modern colour.

"It's a bit of a mixture I suppose. I was taught the cross-hatching style... just using the four basic colours, but probably in the last 24 months I've just started exploring with the bright colours because people like (them),” he said.

"So I've ventured into that area but I always go back to the old style, but I incorporate the old style as well into the newer stuff.

"I'm really passionate about that.”

Mr Turnbull's artistic journey has been extensive, starting when he was only 16 years old.

"I couldn't paint or anything at school, I don't know how to sketch, so when people ask me to sketch something I say, 'No I can sketch it with a paintbrush',” he said.

And he's particularly passionate about the traditional cross-hatching technique.

"I don't think there's much of that, there is some of that that goes on, but a lot of it's all dots now,” Mr Turnbull said.

"I don't have the patience to do dots, but I've been trying to incorporate that style into the new brighter colours.”

The exhibition is on display in the Outer Bark Gallery until March 28.

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