HAVING A GO: Crystal Oakley at the Chinchilla Archery Day.
HAVING A GO: Crystal Oakley at the Chinchilla Archery Day. Brooke Duncan

Archers take aim at club day in Brigalow

Archery: A little drizzle hasn't stopped the area's archers from testing their skills on Sunday.

About a dozen new and experienced archers converged on the Brigalow grounds for some fun and practice amidst the trees.

Chinchilla Archery club treasurer Joel Hardeman said it was a good day and great to see some new members coming along to give it a try.

"Considering it was wet it was a good turn out,” Hardeman said.

"We had a couple of new casual members... fellow who came out from Miles.”

The club itself started about five years ago, and almost fell apart before being reinvigorated with some new members and a new location.

Now at the Brigalow Rec Grounds, the club has set up challenges including a windmill shooting game and even a flying pig target.

And people are starting to take an interest.

"It's usually, the parents take the kids out to have a go, and then it's the parents that get really into it,” Hardeman said.

"Or a partner... it's funny who ends up coming in and who ends up staying.”

And there's no experience required to go along, with the club focussed on maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

"I'd never picked up a bow before moving to Chinchilla,” Hardeman said.

"The aim is to get as many members as possible, not make a big profit or anything like that. We're just slowly building. And it's all well and good to get grants and all that sort of thing going through but without the people to keep it going and to get that motivation it falls apart.”

Club members use both compound and traditional bows too, with club bows available for new members to come to try.

For more information, visit the Chinchilla Archery Club Facebook page.

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