'Afghani murderers' gang undone after targeting barber shop

THEY were gangsters set on conquering the Western Sydney underworld but their reign was cut short after they pushed a hairdresser too far, demanding cash payments and cars to go with their free buzz cuts.

When the self-proclaimed ­Afghani Murderers felt their ­demands weren't being met, they firebombed a Harris Park hair salon. Alex ­Moussa, 43, has pleaded guilty to setting Desi Touch Hair Salon ablaze on August 4, 2015.

Mohammed Wais
Mohammed Wais "Cisco" Niazy, brother of Afghani Murderers gang leader Mohammad Qais Niazy, gets a free haircut at Desi Touch Hair Salon.


And agreed facts tendered to Downing Centre District Court reveal that it was the destruction of his salon that prompted its owner Imitaz Salmani, 30, to go to police and report the months of extortion he had endured, at the hands of gang leader Mohammad Qais Niazy and his goons.

"In the months leading up to the fire Mohammad Qais Niazy and his gang members had been attending the salon regularly for free haircuts. On visits he would ask for payments of cash and for Imitaz Salmani to purchase motor vehicles for him," the court facts state.

The Daily Telegraph understands the extortion began when Mr Salmani went with his regular customer Mohammed Wais "Cisco" Niazy to meet Cisco's brother Mohammad Qais Niazy in Parramatta Park.

Mohammad Qais Niazy is in prison for an unrelated offence and will be deported, the immigration minister has said.
Mohammad Qais Niazy is in prison for an unrelated offence and will be deported, the immigration minister has said.

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