AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd's comment to media: a middle finger

Clad in a leather jacket bearing the name of his former band, AC/DC, Phil Rudd had just one thing to pass on to waiting media as he left Tauranga District Court this morning - a raised middle finger.

After refusing to comment on his alleged breaching of home detention conditions, by possessing and consuming alcohol, an under-pressure Rudd appeared to lose his temper at an assistant amid the media throng, demanding he give him the keys to his waiting Jaguar F-Type.

The 61-year-old drummer then hugged a well-wisher and stepped into the sports car, from which he briefly waved to journalists as he drove back past the courthouse again.

The appearance that followed his arrest on Saturday night, less than a week after he was warned not to re-offend when sentenced on threatening to kill and drugs charges, lasted just five minutes but was still characteristic of his odd and sometimes angry behaviour in previous appearances.

Not long after he stepped into the dock in Courtoom One, dressed in a cream jersey, the drummer began to sink down into his seat.

Judge Louis Bidois told him "stand up Mr Rudd ... just get on TV for nothing, eh", adding the stunt would "just make you look foolish".

As Judge Bidois allowed news photographers to take his picture, the rocker first turned sideways in the dock, then turned to face the cameras, appearing tired and expressionless.

Crown Prosecutor Anna Pollett requested that as a new condition for Rudd's bail, he undergo drug and alcohol testing when police requested.

This was in addition to conditions of his eight month sentence confining him to his Harbour Drive home and banning him from taking any drugs not prescribed to him.

When Ms Pollett sought to confirm the order with Judge Bidois, Rudd was seen to lean over in the dock and scowl at her, while muttering swear words.

Rudd's lawyer, Craig Tuck, did not oppose the order and the rocker was remanded to re-appear on August 3.

Judge Bidois sternly told Rudd that any further offending could mean his home detention sentence being changed.

"I remind you that your home detention order continues and we will revisit this whole matter on the third of August," he told him.

"The only warning I can give you, obviously, is if there is another alleged breach, the department's position may well be different - they may well seek to cancel the sentence of home detention."

Rudd had spent Saturday night and all of yesterday in police cells after he was arrested at his home on Saturday night.

It is understood prostitutes were present at Rudd's home at the time of his arrest.

Just nine days before, Rudd was convicted and sentenced having earlier pleaded guilty to charges of threatening to kill an employee, and for methamphetamine and cannabis found in his home during a police raid last year.

Mr Tuck has appealed Rudd's sentence and conviction.

Bay of Plenty police have refused to comment on the arrest, with a spokesperson telling the Herald she could not discuss individual cases.

The last time Rudd was in court, Judge Thomas Ingram warned the rocker that he would go to prison if he breached the terms of his sentence.

"I stone cold guarantee that's where you'll end up - I'm not your headmaster, I'm not your father, I'm a judge," Judge Ingram told him at the time.

Judge Ingram also remarked that home detention had been his sole alternative to sending Rudd to jail.

At the sentencing, the court heard there was no direct evidence to suggest Rudd was actually still a member of AC/DC, which is scheduled to perform in New Zealand in December with Chris Slade in the drummer's seat.

Judge Ingram also challenged the idea Rudd was an integral part of the band, coldly remarking: "Queen replaced Freddie Mercury."

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd arrives at court
AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd arrives at court Daniel Hines

HIGHWAY TO HELL: The Phil Rudd saga

• 2007: Pleaded guilty to common assault after an incident with his former wife aboard his luxury launch Barchetta
at Tauranga Marina.
• 2011: Pleaded guilty to possession of 25g of cannabis found on Barchetta.
• 2014: Acquitted of deliberately lying about his prior drug use to obtain a medical certificate to enable him to renew his private pilot licence. The Court of Appeal last month rejected an appeal by the Civil Aviation Authority.
• November 2014: Charged with attempting to procure the murder of two people following a police raid. The charges were soon withdrawn by police, who also charged him with threatening to kill an employee, and for methamphetamine and cannabis found in his home during a police raid last year.
• April 21: Unexpectedly changed plea of not guilty to guilty. It emerged he told an associate he wanted a former employee "taken out" and offered him $200,000, a motorbike, and the choice of one of his cars or a house.
• July 9: Convicted and sentenced to eight months' home detention and warned by Judge Thomas Ingram he would be sent to jail if he re-offended. His lawyer Craig Tuck lodged an appeal soon after.
• July 18: Arrested at his Tauranga home for breaching conditions of his home detention sentence by possessing and consuming alcohol.• July 20: Remanded on bail to re-appear on the new charge on August 3.

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