Woolworths Marvel Heroes Super Discs are the latest craze in collectables.
Woolworths Marvel Heroes Super Discs are the latest craze in collectables. Samantha Poate

A to Z of Woolworths Marvel Heroes Super Discs

BY now the majority of people would be aware of Woolworths latest collectors craze, Marvel Heroes Super Discs.

But why are they so popular? Why does this small plastic disc command so much social media attention and why are pieces being sold for hundreds of dollars?

Since Woolworths launched their Marvel inspired campaign April 19, customers have been going crazy with spending in an attempt to collect all 42 characters for themselves or their children.

Woolworths Director of Marketing Andrew Hicks said, "Collectables is a favourite with our customers and this time, in partnership with Disney, we've created a range that can inspire, engage and educate all members of the family.

"Our Marvel Heroes promotion is proving incredibly popular with customers and we are delighted with the vast amount of positive feedback we've received."

Customers receive a small piece of collectable plastic featuring 42 of Marvel Comics favourite characters, with every $20 spent in store or online.

In addition, customers can also choose to purchase a collectors case ($5), tin ($7) and a combination of a keyring and lanyard holder ($5).


Woolworths Marvel Heroes Super Discs are the latest craze in collectibles.
Woolworths Marvel Heroes Super Discs are the latest craze in collectibles. Samantha Poate

Woolworths also launched an app that allows collectors to create a virtual collection by scanning their own Super Discs.

Each disc unlocking exclusive content and features to show fans the 'how to's' for building creations from the Marvel universe (like Thor's hammer or Captain America's shield) and an 'eat like a superhero' section for recipes to help fuel your little heroes.

With 42 discs to collect across seven teams, customers have been spending big and swapping pieces to acquire the entire set.

Currently there is about 30 Facebook 'buy, swap and sell' groups running with approximately 9000 members across them.

On a simple eBay search there are 2536 results, with the most expensive disc asking for $1000, number 24 the black panther.


Samantha Poate

But some parents and extreme collectors have come out saying they are extremely infuriated with those attempting to cash in on selling the 'rare' discs for hundreds.

A Woolworths spokesperson said there are seven rare discs to be collected, however there are more out there than people think.

"We can confirm there are more than one million of each of the seven limited edition discs in the 42-disc collection in circulation."

Woolworths promotion will finish on May 30.

"We encourage customers to keep collecting while stocks last including swapping with family, friends and Facebook swap groups, of which there are many."

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