Operation Jabbah results

  • 31 RBTs conducted
  • 12 street checks
  • 7 banning notices issued
  • 5 assault and obstruct police offences
  • 5 public nuisance offences
  • 4 drug drivers
  • 3 drunk drivers
  • 3 move on directions
  • 3 public urination offences
  • 2 common assault offences

A BUNDABERG police operation targeting alcohol-fuelled violence has seen more than 20 people charged on assault, liquor, drug, public nuisance and traffic charges.

Operation Jabbah was a highly visible, co-ordinated police effort on last night throughout the Bundaberg CBD.

Up to 25 officers, including resources from Brisbane, patrolled the streets and conducted a wide range of activities within the Bundaberg Safe Night Out Precinct, including licence checks at bars and clubs.

The aim of the operation was to heighten awareness of the community to issues associated with excessive alcohol consumption and the harm it can cause.

"We want to remind people how quickly one person's life can change from a thoughtless act," Bundaberg police Inspector Pat Swindells said.

Insp Swindells said both the public and licensed venue operators responded positively to the strong police presence.

"It was a very successful evening with only two isolated incidents where police were forced to intervene as a result of alcohol and poor behaviour," he said.

Watch: Police take man into custody.

"The public feel a lot safer knowing the police are out there."

Other results from the operation included three move on directions, three public urination and 31 RBTs.

Insp Swindells said he took away two vital observations from the operation.

"One of the big things that I did learn was that a lot of people thought the One Punch Can Kill campaign was finished," he said.

"But we are pushing that message forward."

OPERATION JABBAH: Police restrain a man outside the Club Hotel.
OPERATION JABBAH: Police restrain a man outside the Club Hotel. Eliza Goetze

The second lesson learnt was that a large portion of backpackers were pre-loading with alcohol before hitting the bars and clubs.

"That is a matter which we will have to deal with the various backpacker associations."

Insp Swindells said the main goal was to create a safe environment at night for everyone.

Watch: Hens' party overjoyed to see police patrolling Bundaberg CBD.

"As police, we see so many people that consume alcohol and then make a bad decision and we want to work with our community to address this," he said.

"Alcohol affects everyone differently, and we want to get the message out there that just one bad decision can have serious and lasting consequences for everyone involved."

Insp Swindells said the next step was to work together with the Bundaberg Chamber of Commerce and businesses to how they could complement each other to create a safe environment.

"Personal responsibility is the key. People should think before they act and make a commitment to have a great night out and make sure those around them have a safe night too," he said.

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